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Chicer by the day (is that even a word)

I love the highlights. She looks chic and her style is maturing. I’m starting to like Mrs. R Pattinson again. Keep up the good work Lady K!

The half smile is almost endearing.

(image from the Daily Mail)


SATC, oh what a night (á la styleisle)

(Dress: from the Spotlight range at Warehouse,

Jacket: from Forever 21,

Shoes: from Zara,

Smile: from spending two hours with my four favourite fictional characters)

Please sing this to the tune of “Oh what a night”….( I won’t say I am the best lyricist but this took me ages to write, so please give it a go….)

Oh what a night, mid to late May and such a treat for me,

Can’t believe how such a film can be,

What fab ladies, what a night!

Oh what a night, dress from Warehouse, it’s so cool to me.

Get all dressed up for lady SJP,

Fashion heaven, what a night.

Oh what a night, the Gloss and Moet, came up trumps for me,

Champagne, cake and all for mum and me,

Style on screen, oh what a night.

Oh what a night, fashion, friendship, who could ask for more,

Halston, Vintage, and Dior galore,

Gucci, Pucci, what a night.

Oh what a night, two years on and Big can’t even see,

Bedroom TV is not quite Carrie,

You’ll never learn, oh what a night.

Oh what a night, Sam and Smith, I can’t believe it’s real,

Jason Lewis, gave us all a thrill,

Samantha’s boy, oh what a night.

Oh what a night, Big and Aidan, oh calamity,

Cosmos’ can’t repair the kiss oh gee,

Abu Dhabi, what a night.

Oh what a night, Charlotte ever in the midst of tears,

Trey is gone now over several years,

Harry’s lady, what a night.

Oh what a night, four fab butler’s, everlasting love,

Paula Abdul never looked so smug,

Choo, Bvulgari,  what a night.

Oh what a night, Carrie’s fashion goes beyond my dreams,

My style icon, dancing through the seams,

Patricia Field, you made my night.

Oh what a night, SATC is the thing for me,

I hope they plan to make a great part three,

Fashion, style, oh what a night.