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Here comes the Hotstepper

In my former life, I strutted down the catwalk to some super tunes. When I hear any of them now, I go back to how empowered I felt at that moment. A small moment in time, where the entire room was staring at just you. No pressure like.

Some of my favs being Rolling Stones vs. The Neptunes, “Miss you” (good walking beat); Telepopmusik, “Breathe”; Lenny Kravitz, “American Woman”. On the other hand, I have been at shows, where the music has almost taken over and whilst perusing the crowd, you can see everyone subtly moving in their seats to a really slick beat.

Paul Costello’s show at LFW this year opened to Eliza Doolittle’s “Pack up”; talk about a feel good tune? Merge a really happy tune with an ultimate feminine collection, and voila, one satisfied audience.

So, where am I going with this? I decided to take on a little project. I kindly asked 10 of my friends in fashion to tell me what their ultimate fashion show song would be and why, in an elaborate effort to collate the ultimate fashion show playlist. The list is needless to say….eclectic, but each and every person was not only definitive in their song choice; they justified it. Some songs I had never heard of, which has made me..perhaps…evaluate the stack of tunes (including the occasional odd one) on the ipod.

Oh and while putting this post together, all these tunes were pumping out of my laptop at styleisle HQ (i.e. my living room). A little boogie while working never hurt nobody 🙂

So, not to delay any further, in no particular order…..

“Sleigh Bells” by Infinity Guitars

The fabulous Hannah Dick, at Push PR in London gets the playlist off to a very cool start with this uber funky tune. Hannah says “It has a killer beat for the girls to strut to. It would go with any collection (apart from maybe a whimsical girly one) and is super up to date”.

“Rocket” by Goldfrapp

Sarah Williams, PR and Communications Manager at Arnotts, says this one “is great for fashion shows”. This tune gives the right level of stomp as well as being sung by Alison Goldfrapp who is synonomous with being edgy in the style stakes.

“Lights Out” by Santigold

When Alison Colhoun, Marketing and PR Assistant at one of my favourite stores, Awear, told me she was picking Santogold, I automatically thought it would be “Creator”. Alison who is a self professed music lover, says “I love it because it’s my go to chill out song; it’s quite sweet with a real 80’s vibe. (Vivienne Westwood & Paul Smith have used it for runway!)”.

“Overpowered” by Roisín Murphy

Mark Andrew Kelly, Stylist, answered my playlist question instantly with a song he has used in shows in the past. ”Taken from her album “Overpowered”, its not only the title track but its also the first song that appears when you type her name into youtube. In other words, its bloody brilliant!!

“From the first beats of the synthesizer you cant help but be hypnotized by the electro rhythmic drug that is unleashed by Murphy. The opening line has you both hooked, and intrigued. “When I think that I’m over you, I’m overpowered” she exclaims. This is a love song, no doubt about it, but a very clever love song at that! “A chemical needing is there in the brain” she continues in her breathy, almost robotic vocals. In a lot of ways this song resonates with me. For one the lyrics are describing my relationship with fashion!! Uncontrollable, insatiable and simply inexplicable. It’s just… there in the brain i guess!!

I first used this song a couple of seasons ago when it reflected a popular trend at that time. Balmain had just revolutionised the shoulder pad and it was a sign of an exciting season ahead, Power Dressing was back and I was completely, well… “Overpowered”. I never tire of this song, it has stayed fresh and up-lifting. I always get excited when I hear it out and it will always represent a turning point in my professional life. The show that I used it for was my first solo project as a stylist… :)”. 

“Heads will roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Aoife Smith, Account Manager with Elevate PR, picks a song with a really amazing beat. It’s one that you can imagine at like a Heatherette or Dsquared show. Aoife says, ‘I would pick that song as I see Fashion Shows as exciting and interesting events, where the main goal is to captivate the audience. This song has a great beat and would certainly grab the audience’s attention, I think it is also one of those songs that really sticks in your head and would leave you with a lasting impression of the show’.

“My Doorbell” by the White Stripes

I love the White Stripes and so does Blanaid Hennessy of the Stylebitches and fashion and interiors blogging fame (Blanaid’s blog is one of my daily reads!). “I think fashion shows should be a good old stomping ground situation and this song has plenty to stomp too”, Blanaid tells me. This tune is stomp tastic and you gotta love Jack White, not just because he’s got Karen Elson on his arm.

“Silver Screen” by Felix the Housecat

This song is just plain funky. It’s the pick of Katie Kelly, Fashion PR Account Manager. “I think this track is an amazing choice for a fashion show. It’s super high energy and although it’s from many moons (and dance floors) ago it still sounds fresh and sexy. I love the female vocal. It reminds me of another, even older track by the Flying Lizards that also works brilliantly for the catwalk. I think the way the vocal is delivered is really amazing. The girl who does is sounds so cool and aloof and that’s the feel that models exude as they make their way down the catwalk”.

“Beautiful Dirty Rich” by Lady Gaga

Jemima Daisy Comption of Jemima Daisy Blogs says about this amazing track from one of my fav albums “Luxurious and edgy perfect for any diva girl collection. Fashion is such a money fuelled virus and I think that this song really throws consumerism in your face”. Jemima also loves any song by Nine Inch Nails; “many of the songs by Nine Inch Nails are great for catwalk shows. Closer has a really dirty industrial vibe that I love. Its toally inappropriate, crude and explicit but in an industry where everyones aiming to shock its perfect. I’ve used this with a military, androgynous theme but any sort of very outlandish collection could use this”.

“Last Night” by The Strokes

Willow Boutique owner and uber cool fashionista, Edel McDermott, picked the classic tune by The Strokes. “With their Italian connection, this song has been used regulary on Milans catwalks, love their coolness, heard this song live, totally lives up to it!”.

“Whip my hair” by Willow Smith

“Oh my, it’s so hard to narrow my favourite song choice down to a single one”, says Sandra Morris, Press Assistant for Harvey Nichols Dublin. ” I love all kinds of music and my ipod has the most varied array of genres on it from classical to rock, pop, indie, soul, hip hop and everything else in between. It’s highly organised and I think I have a playlist for practically every occasion to the great amusement of my friends!”
“I adore certain artists for their style with Roisin Murphy, Beyonce and Lady Gaga being my favourite singing sensations. What I listen to on my iPod depends on my mood but Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Paolo Nutini and Michael Buble tend to play a lot! Professionally song choices depend on the atmosphere we’re trying to create, especially for events and Fashion Shows where music helps set the scene. For the Harvey Nichols AW10 Fashion Show the theme was ‘Super Hero/ Cape Cruisador’ and so the Prodigy’s Stand Up was the ultimate opening song choice and went down a storm with both the models and audience alike.”
“The song I’m listening to at the moment is ‘Whip My Hair’ by Will and Jada Smith’s uber talented 9 year old daughter Willow. She caused quite the sensation in the front row at Milan Fashion Week and although she shares a stylist with Rihanna, I’m excited to see how she will evolve musically and style wise. At nine years of age, she is possibly the coolest kid in the world at the moment. Watch this space!”

I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth….”.

So there you have it, Ireland and the UK’s fashion elite have spoken and declared the top ten stomptastic tunes.

Note: Oh and btw, all the videos are from You Tube so watch at your peril! I ain’t taking responsibility for the video content!


We so stylish

I’m kinda wrecked. I have been out every night since Thursday and my feet are starting to give out about the discomfort of platform shoes. I keep telling them there’s only one more night to go and I did give them a day off today by wearing Converse. So for now they are happy. I do have to  break it to them shortly that they are going out again tonight for dinner in Ely.

Rewinding the week to Thursday, the lovely peeps at Harvey Nichols Dublin asked me to attend their shopping event being held to honour the 25th anniversary of the iconic Elle magazine. So I donned the Bertie platforms which have been in my company for the last three years, and teetered along with my new BFF Mark Andrew Kelly, to sip on Comos and meander around one of my favourite shops (Oh and I’ll be blogging before, during and after a fab event he’s organising on October 28 at Brassarie 66! More details during the week).

I love the basement, which is now stocking Dannii Minogue’s Project D collection btw. I sometimes have to treat shops like Art Galleries. You can go in and have a look but in accordance with the rule book that comes with your wallet, nothing is for sale to you. I have been known to deviate from this theory, obviously. I’m on the look out for my Winter investment piece so HN had some great options for me which I am going to pop back and have a look at this week!

On our departure, we got some lovely goodies, including the new fragrance from John Richmond which is growing on me. x

Oh yeah, and check out these two posers…

Thanks to the lovely Sandra at HN for taking the pic and inviting us along!

London fashion week …OMG

So I’m back all! Did you miss me?

This week is called LFW. Not London. No. It’s Lorna Fashion Week. It is if I say so!

So this week has been a fashion frenzy. I got back from the vacation on Tuesday night and was delayed and couldn’t make the Arnotts fashion show, but I hear that it was amazing! Then last night I met up with some fab ladies in fashion for the 2nd ever styleisle fashion chit chat, it was so much fun. You can read about the whole evening on www.styleisle.ie next month!

I also updated styleisle for September and it has some great stuff on it including a competition for a Slendertone! Plus I meet up with the amazingly talented stylist Mark Andrew Kelly!

And tonight….I am off to London for fashion week! I can’t wait! Tomorrow morning kicks off with the Paul Costello show at 9am and then I plan to spend the day taking in the exhibition and taking loads of pics! I will be blogging everyday to stay tuned for my adventures!

Oh and my big news….I am now a brunette!

styleisle out for now and back tomorrow for all the news from London!