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My wardrobe view


I’ve been clearing out my wardrobe and trying to figure out what I should keep and what to give away to charity. And so I have spent the day perusing magazines to come up with some of my favourite looks for the Winter and I will try to match my clothes accordingly. I love the Alexander Wang look (left), it’s edgy but wearable and all I need to do is invest in a pair of statement trousers (similar to those on the DKNY runway, second from right). I also have two faux fur gilets, one from Cynthia Rowley and another from Awear which I got last year. These will look great over skinny jeans, cropped trousers or even a pencil skirt to give it more of a sophisticated tone. My gilets are more like the one seen here on Kate Moss (right).

I plan on dressing edgy this year with lot’s of statement shoes (animal print ankle boots from New Look) and leather jackets (I have two, one from All Saints and one from Forever 21). By having these two essentials, I reckon I can mix and and match without having to spend a fortune. Happy days.


10 for 2010

Red carpet, awards ceremonies, premieres, X factor… sources of fashion faux pas and in contrast, triumph. Rather than do a top or worst 10, I decided to do 10 of the great fashion moments in 2010.

In no order whatsoever….

Anna Paquin…fashion goddess

In 2010, Anna declared herself, not only in love with Stephen Moyer, but as a fashion force.

The Alexander McQueen number to the left, sealed the deal for me. Elegant but funky, the embellished neckline juxtaposed with the flowing satin of the skirt, make this a classic McQueen but an age appropriate red carpet look.

Oh and I love True Blood. Bring on Season 3.

Lady Gaga…so many it was difficult to narrow it to one

Right. Where do I start with this…..ok..let’s sum it up in ten words.

Weird. Avant garde. Daring. Iconic. Ridiculous. Statement. Movement. Transparent. Facetious. Hmmmm….

Give it up for Gaga. God knows what she’ll do next. And Hmmmm is a word, right?


Mark Fast…fringe magnet

At LFW, this was the show I wanted to see but didn’t. Well I technically did but I watched the live stream in the press room at Somerset House. I just wanted to see the fringes! Having maybe spent too much time in upholstery shops, the obsession with fringing was OTT. Dressing up in a dyed spider web, is a bit to naked for me. But, he is praised by his peers, and loved by famous ladies. Mark Fast has graduated from NEWGEN and is now a designer.

I’m a Gleek

Responsible for reintroducing Journey to our lives, Glee is now more of a cultural phenomenon than Robert Pattinson’s hair. Sassy storylines and the odd teenage pregnancy, the Glees have had a little controversy as well as success in the form of a GQ cover. But Lea Michele is the new sweetheart. Rocking the red in Oscar de la Renta at this year’s Emmy’s, she pronounced glamour to the under 25s of Hollywood.

Just lose the necklace and it’s great.

Come on Rude Boy

Whatcha wownt wownt wownt now is for Rihanna to keep up the good work (and maybe collaborate with Topshop?). Red hair does work. Well on her anyway. Not so much on anyone else. She’s fashionably volatile in a good way and brings a whole new meaning to good girl gone bad. And her real name is Robyn. And I don’t care if she was racy on X factor. She was brilliant. Matt Cardle will never recover.

Oh and Rihanna love….Roisin Murphy wants her jumpsuit  back.

It’s not you…it’s me.

Well I bloody well hope so. Carine Roitfeld broke up with Vogue. I mean how could she? They were in love for like 9 years. You don’t just throw that all away. Vogue is so upset that it cannot move on and is still single. It doesn’t know how Carine will ever be replaced.

A single man

Gucci former head honcho, Tom Ford, aka, hottest man on earth, made his debut as a director, of a film that is and not a collection, of the Oscar nominated film, A Single Man.

Words cannot describe the talents this man has, as well as being so delicious to look at. I hope he makes more films and becomes an actor. I would happily pay to see him.

Kate Moss and Topshop

The last collection that dear Kate made for Philip was a compendium of wool, lurex (I love that word) and embellishment with a little jersey thrown in for good measure. As a tribute to my favourite fashionista I bought the over the top wool cardi with a hood. I love it. It’s like Katie foresaw the schnow and decided to make something stylish but functional for the cold spell.

Kate’s cool.

Child of the Blog

Tavi Gevinson got front row seats to Marc Jacobs at NYFW. Not fair. Not fair at all. She hasn’t even finished her high school education. Ok I’m bitter but you know what I mean right? But I will admit that I read her blog and it is quite good. The whole blog thing worked out nicely for Tavi, since now she is a favourite at Vogue and every fashion house known to man.

There’s hope for all of us.

 McQueen of fashion

I wanted to say something profound about Alexander McQueen but found I couldn’t do him justice other than to say that he was great at what he did and could have done much more.

“If you ask any lady they want to be taller, they want to be slimmer, you know, and they want a waist. I’m not here to make people look like a sack of potatoes.”

Alexander McQueen.

Happy New Year to one and all and thanks ever so much for reading my blog in 2010. x

The Last Collection

Update – Just a little note to say that I am now the proud owner of the above cardi! I loves it! Yay for Katie!

The evolution of Kate Moss

I’ve walked through JFK a bunch of times. One of the world’s busiest airports. Filled with travellers, making their way to some far away place ready to embark on a new adventure; stepping into the unknown. Some going back home filled with the thrill of seeing those close to them. Everytime I walk through this concrete gateway, I wonder one thing. Is there another Kate Moss ready and waiting to be discovered. I find myself observing the impatient crowd for the next big thing on the catwalk. Can your life actually change in an airport? Hers sure did.

From the 14 year old travelling with her parents to the world’s most infamous catwalk queen. Her career (and life) has been played out in front of the cameras and papers, more often to the detriment of her iconic status in fashion.

Notwithstanding the moments of sheer horrific decision making (Pete Doherty being one), she plays her role in the eye of the lense and has contributed to some of the most memorable and flawless editorials and campaigns.

Here’s to you Kate love.

What the Vogue?

Good evening gang. I had a thought today as I was looking for a photo frame on the lunch break. A lot of my fellow bloggers have shared some of their favourite magazine covers of late, and given that I possess years worth of Vogues, I should maybe, just this once, follow suit.

My favourite Vogue cover is the 90th anniversary cover. It was a pull out, and since I have owned this copy, the cover has been ripped off and placed in an A3 frame and has hung proudly on my living room wall for the last two years as my constant inspiration for finding my own style. The cover is an eclectic mix of historic icons from Princess Diana to Kate Moss to the most famous cover with Twiggy, which started the mod revolution back in the 60s.

Vogue has been a constant in my life. Things change. Styles come and go. Cycles of fashion flit in and out of my life. But Vogue has always been there as my text book where I gained my fashion education. This education is far from over. There is still so much for me to learn. This learning curve is longer than usual, but it’s fabulous climbing up it every month with every new issue.

It may sound slightly silly to some to say that a magazine is a significant part one’s life, but, the talent that has grown from it, the labels that have started from it, the models who have starred in it, the editors who have carved it, rely on this magazine as their fuel.

Reading Vogue over a coffee in a quaint corner of a cafe is my piece of heaven 12 times a year.

And I love it.

 (image of the anniversary Vogue cover, taken out of its frame to photograpgh it)