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70s revival at style tonic

www.style-tonic.com is one of my favourite fashion websites in Ireland, and so, I jumped at the chance to style the “Look of the Week” when it’s lovely owner, Michelle Jones posed the offer!

If you wanna the inspiration for this season, you need look no further back in time, than the 1970s. Mid length skirts, colourful prints, gold accessories- it’s a vintage lovers season of bliss. If you wanna get the look, check out what I put together on style tonic!

Skirt: M by Missoni, €147.50; John Rocha silk chiffon blouse, €214.50; House of Harlow long key chain, €89; Proenza Shouler Tote bag, €297; Susannah Grogan Vintage Saint Scarf, €120.

All items available for purchase via style tonic! If you wanna check it out, just click the link!



The beauty of the queue

Ok so the day has taken a little turn for the worse! Not only did a third of the people who were invited to Osman not get in, the same thing has now happened at John Rocha despite being in the queue a half an hour in advance. I have now retreated to the press room to vent a little and the thing that really bugs the most is that I can hear the show going on right beside where I am writing this blog post.

What I do not understand is why the PR companies over invite to the show  by such a huge margin! How are the invitees who don’t get in (who are normally the bloggers like me) supposed to fulfill their obligations of reporting on shows if there is actually not a hope of them getting in? Is this is pattern that is now set for the remainder of the week?

I am guessing that the show was brilliant and the collection will represent John’s consistent dedication to good design and quality with a minimalistic edge. Maybe I can get my hands on some photos and I can post them tomorrow. On a more exciting note, Ali Hewson, Guggi, Gavin Friday and Laura Whitmore are representing Ireland in there at the moment.

So it’s off home for me now since only one show came up trumps for me today, but tomorrow is another day and brings with it a whole new set of adventures and possibilities.

The styleisler is not giving up just yet!

Joanne Hynes – I have style envy

Irish fashion has come a long way. From established designers like John Rocha and Paul Costello who have helped define style in Ireland and abroad, to new and emerging talent like Emmy Slattery (2010 winner of the Nokia Young Fashion Designer Award) and jewellery designer Melissa Curry (Sonya Lennon had told me about Melissa).

My favourite Irish designer over the course of the last two years however has been Joanne Hynes. I have admired Joanne’s work ever since I saw Amy Huberman wearing a beautiful creation at the IFTAs in 2009. At the awards that night, I was on the prowl for some style and I immediately had a style crush for this particular dress. My research went into overdrive and discovered that Joanne had made this piece. Ever since then, I hold Joanne’s work in high esteem and look to her collections for constant inspiration. Something about her past two collections have drawn me in, albeit that it encompasses my own individual style to a capital T. Edgy, funky and one of a kind are the words that spring to mind.

For Autumn/Winter 2010, Joanne uses words like “Debased Glamour” and “Automatic Glamour”. These words backed with imagery and drawings are constantly used in the Joanne Hynes AW10 private sketch books to describe the spirit behind her AW10 Collection.  A lot of her aesthetic comes from the influence of her Mother Josephine and her
Mother’s three sisters. Her childhood memories of the way they dressed, always glamorous, always groomed yet expressive, much like a ritual that took place every time they went out. It this affinity with her family history as inspiration that charms me too. My main inspiration for style is my mum and grandmother and it’s so important to embrace your familial connections when defining who you are.

When I read the press release I fell for the words “beauty”, “power”, “desire” and in a juxtaposition “fragility”. She says herself  “that tension that is in everyone, I have turned it into something creative, it is all entangled inside and
I turn it around and use that intensity to express one complex personality” .

The collection uses powerful and authoritative fabrics, such as the dominant use of leather, stretch wool, netting. “God is in the detail” says Joanne, where leathers have complex pin tucking, pleating and padding, paying homage to the Joanne Hynes biker from AW09. These jackets can be teamed with dresses: a signature style look of the Joanne Hynes label. “Take it and run with it, make it your own.” Joanne has also been known famously for her statement dresses. One of my favourites from S/S 2009, was a beautifully crafted calf length rough silk mustard dress with the most elegant jewelled detail across the neckline. This season, is no different. Slashed necklines, gold brocade and the signature metallic zip are all there, paying a compliment to this season’s trend of drama for the dress, as I like to call it.

Words cannot do justice to the magnificance of the collection and its creativity. Although detailed, the pieces are incredibly easy to wear and can be mixed and matched and combined with simpler less detailed pieces for those who like to tread easily into a new world of , well almost,  bespoke fashion.

Joanne’s pieces are available in Brown Thomas Dublin and now also in Ela Maria and In Vogue, both in Limerick.

I adore the colour in this, neon is so attention grabbing. Joanne chose a similar design when refining her collection and the dress actually made, was made in silk crepe neon pink.

This jacket is made of soft leather with a studded collar. One of my favourites.

Hands down my absolute favourite piece and I lust after this dress! Only two of these were made and it is a limited edition piece. It is leather panelled and displays world class craftsmanship. Difficult to make, stylish to wear. On my A/W wishlist.

I have tried tirelessly to find PVC leggings that are flattering. These ones were so popular they sold out in week one!

Joanne’s take on the white shirt. Great for the office and is an ideal day to night piece. Made from stunning organza.

I love this look, probably because it is aligned with my own style. This jacket is actually a dark prune colour and not black.

[Just to note styleisle readers that all pieces are limited edition]

So these are my thoughts on this collection. I have this collection on a pedestal and Joanne is more than competing with her peers.

Would love to hear what you think and your take on a lady who has her feet firmly on the fashion foreground. x