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ASOS A/W 2011/12 … just a peek.


I just took receipt of the ASOS Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook and OMG I’m officially in love. And potentially broke.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but here is a quick look at what to expect from the online retailer. This shot reminds me of Mulberry for some reason. No justification but it was the first designer that came into my head when I saw the Autumnal colours and beautifully crafted leather bags (on the right).

Key trend hint: Don’t be afraid of clashing colours! LFW had so much of it. And make red your new colour!



My styling life..

Just a sneaky peek at my latest shoot! More to come on styleisle on July 18th!

Photographer; Anthony Woods

Stylist; Lorna Claire Weightman

Hair & Make up; Orla Maher

All clothes from Awear.


10 for 2010

Red carpet, awards ceremonies, premieres, X factor… sources of fashion faux pas and in contrast, triumph. Rather than do a top or worst 10, I decided to do 10 of the great fashion moments in 2010.

In no order whatsoever….

Anna Paquin…fashion goddess

In 2010, Anna declared herself, not only in love with Stephen Moyer, but as a fashion force.

The Alexander McQueen number to the left, sealed the deal for me. Elegant but funky, the embellished neckline juxtaposed with the flowing satin of the skirt, make this a classic McQueen but an age appropriate red carpet look.

Oh and I love True Blood. Bring on Season 3.

Lady Gaga…so many it was difficult to narrow it to one

Right. Where do I start with this…..ok..let’s sum it up in ten words.

Weird. Avant garde. Daring. Iconic. Ridiculous. Statement. Movement. Transparent. Facetious. Hmmmm….

Give it up for Gaga. God knows what she’ll do next. And Hmmmm is a word, right?


Mark Fast…fringe magnet

At LFW, this was the show I wanted to see but didn’t. Well I technically did but I watched the live stream in the press room at Somerset House. I just wanted to see the fringes! Having maybe spent too much time in upholstery shops, the obsession with fringing was OTT. Dressing up in a dyed spider web, is a bit to naked for me. But, he is praised by his peers, and loved by famous ladies. Mark Fast has graduated from NEWGEN and is now a designer.

I’m a Gleek

Responsible for reintroducing Journey to our lives, Glee is now more of a cultural phenomenon than Robert Pattinson’s hair. Sassy storylines and the odd teenage pregnancy, the Glees have had a little controversy as well as success in the form of a GQ cover. But Lea Michele is the new sweetheart. Rocking the red in Oscar de la Renta at this year’s Emmy’s, she pronounced glamour to the under 25s of Hollywood.

Just lose the necklace and it’s great.

Come on Rude Boy

Whatcha wownt wownt wownt now is for Rihanna to keep up the good work (and maybe collaborate with Topshop?). Red hair does work. Well on her anyway. Not so much on anyone else. She’s fashionably volatile in a good way and brings a whole new meaning to good girl gone bad. And her real name is Robyn. And I don’t care if she was racy on X factor. She was brilliant. Matt Cardle will never recover.

Oh and Rihanna love….Roisin Murphy wants her jumpsuit  back.

It’s not you…it’s me.

Well I bloody well hope so. Carine Roitfeld broke up with Vogue. I mean how could she? They were in love for like 9 years. You don’t just throw that all away. Vogue is so upset that it cannot move on and is still single. It doesn’t know how Carine will ever be replaced.

A single man

Gucci former head honcho, Tom Ford, aka, hottest man on earth, made his debut as a director, of a film that is and not a collection, of the Oscar nominated film, A Single Man.

Words cannot describe the talents this man has, as well as being so delicious to look at. I hope he makes more films and becomes an actor. I would happily pay to see him.

Kate Moss and Topshop

The last collection that dear Kate made for Philip was a compendium of wool, lurex (I love that word) and embellishment with a little jersey thrown in for good measure. As a tribute to my favourite fashionista I bought the over the top wool cardi with a hood. I love it. It’s like Katie foresaw the schnow and decided to make something stylish but functional for the cold spell.

Kate’s cool.

Child of the Blog

Tavi Gevinson got front row seats to Marc Jacobs at NYFW. Not fair. Not fair at all. She hasn’t even finished her high school education. Ok I’m bitter but you know what I mean right? But I will admit that I read her blog and it is quite good. The whole blog thing worked out nicely for Tavi, since now she is a favourite at Vogue and every fashion house known to man.

There’s hope for all of us.

 McQueen of fashion

I wanted to say something profound about Alexander McQueen but found I couldn’t do him justice other than to say that he was great at what he did and could have done much more.

“If you ask any lady they want to be taller, they want to be slimmer, you know, and they want a waist. I’m not here to make people look like a sack of potatoes.”

Alexander McQueen.

Happy New Year to one and all and thanks ever so much for reading my blog in 2010. x

A trip to style

A few weeks back I met up with the fashionista-in-the-making, Joyce McEvoy, who won a little styling session with me, with thanks to KISS magazine.

Now let’s get one thing straight, I have met a lot of people who think they know a lot about fashion, but on this particular day, I spent a few fashion filled hours with a teenager who knows more than the average fashion magazine editor.

Being able to define your style, is one thing, but being able to stay true to it is another. Over a hot chocolate in Debenhams, Joyce and I chatted of her influences, (i.e. Blake Lively!), trends she likes (cargo pants) and where to find the perfect pair of military inspired boots. To speak the truth, I saw a little of the 15 year old me in this little lady. Obsessed with fashion, making up outfits, reading every fashion magazine in the newsagents, and basically building up knowledge which I knew would come in handy in the future.

Whilst wandering about Forever 21, I shared my deepest darkest and safely stored styling secrets with Joyce and we had a go at putting together a young and contemporary look. We ended up with skinny jeans, cotton tee and a really great chunky cardi. Then we added a skirt to the outfit instead of jeans and voila, a whole new more feminine look! I showed Joyce that by pulling at the seam of jeans, you can tell how they will wear and wash. And what to look for when buying shoes (my inner chiropodist getting a rare flirt with society!).

I knew she would love Forever 21 and what’s great is that, the store is great for teenagers to mums to the girl in the office. There is something for everyone.

I reckon in a few years, I’ll be going to her for style advice! x



Ireland’s most influential fashion blogger!

With Lisa Cannon for Xposé filming, December 2010

Alrighty, so I have made it onto the list as a nominee for Ireland’s most influential fashion blogger and to be honest, to even be nominated has made me one little happy fashionista.

IFTAs, February 2010


I started www.styleisle.ie and the blog almost a year ago and the response to my views on fashion have been received with open arms and both sites have gained a little following! This is more than I could ever have imagined.

Fade Street Launch, November 2010


One minute I am a five year old dressing up in her mum’s clothes, strutting around in high heels about ten sizes to big and lipstick smeared all over my face (we have the pictures to prove this unfortunate start to my fashion career).

Cork Fashion Week with Emer O'Sullivan and Ann Marie O'Connor, April 2010


The next I am seventeen sitting in the offices of Morgan The Agency about to embark on a career as a model. I catapult myself into the industry and after a few years I decide to dedicate my life to my education.

Then, all of a sudden I’m twenty seven and decide to get back into fashion and start to research blogging and how to build websites.  I teach myself HTML and I

With Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney, October 2010

build styleisle, something that has thrown me straight back in the deep end of Irish fashion and journalism. The next thing you know I am being asked for quotes for the  national newspapers, styling editorials and now even presenting an online fashion programme. I never could have imagined that this site and blog would become not only a labour of love, but a significant part of my life and I couldn’t be happier. As a bi-product of all this, I have made some wonderful new friends who I not only get to meet for coffee and chats, but with whom I also get to work on some of the most inspiring and beautiful shoots and blog posts.

London Fashion Week, September 2010

So this was 2010. Can’t wait for 2011.

If you would like to vote for me to be Ireland’s most influential fashion blogger just click the link, select my picture and cast your vote!


I wish you all the most loving and peaceful Christmas. x