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20 % off at Coast! (just until 4pm today)

Hi all, my affiliate Coast are having a 20% off dresses sale today until 4pm! So if you had your eye on anything now is the time to save some pennies!

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Coast 20% off!


An affair to remember

I have just completed a mammoth wardrobe clear out and am just about ready to head to Enable Ireland with three sack fulls of clothes which will go on to have another life with someone who needs them.

It’s amazing how emotional a clear out like this can be and I didn’t realise this until it happened to me this afternoon.

I’ll take you back to 2003 when I was in third year in college. This was a pivotal year for me in my personal life. Anyway, to satisfy the desire to dress up, our year pulled together a committee to organise a black tie ball in the Shelbourne. It was aptly named the snow ball, considering it was absolutely bone chillingly cold outside, and it was in the run up to Christmas as well. I had some dresses which would have made do from the previous two Trinity Balls, but I wanted something show stopping.

On a little sojourn from the library (well about a three hour one), I popped by Coast in Brown Thomas. It was about the time when Coast had started to become the primary choice when looking for  cocktail/full length/Christmas party and wedding attire. I spotted this two piece black satin number from the corner of my eye and my a little fashion filled heart just melted.

A heavy black satin corset and figure hugging full length skirt with a fish tail (which went onto to be the style synonomous with the brand) made eyes at me. I tried it on for fun and I asked them to put it on hold while I made the pleading phone call to the parents, desperately explaining how this dress was an essential part of my education at Trinity and if I was going to succeed as a serious entrepreneur of the future, then I had to look the part. Gosh, I should have been an actress. Anyway, my consoling mummy convinced my not-so-consoling daddy to pay for the gown.

I wore it to the snow ball with such pride and to many many more evening events, like my final BESS and Trinity Ball in 2004, and to my first black tie Christmas party with work in the Shelbourne, taking the dress back to the place where I wore it for the first time. Each of those nights was crucial to me for different reasons. One represented the end of my life in education; the other, the start of a new career and the gaining of independence.

If you have any outfits which take you down memory lane, please share them!

Fashion by the Coast line

Above are my favourites from the A/W collection from Coast. I was so impressed by this collection. Separates, “pop on” dresses, (a great phrase shared by Ann Hardiman of Coast,  with whom I had the pleasure of talking through the collection) day to night attire…the air of sophistication was inherent in every piece. Coast have thought about their customer. And will soon see the definition of that customer in Ireland change. Coast have taken a little turn away from focussing solely on the party dress and have included a contempoary range of pieces like a modern twist on the traditional twin set and a wearable use of metallics and leather, while hitting some key trends like the profusion of red and cape like coats. I believe that this collection will open the doors to some new customers who will now shop here for their work winter wardrobe, which will of course include a Christmas party dress. 

My verdict: Coast are more than competing with their high street counterparts with the A/W collection.