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I’ve turned to the Google god for help.

I try pretty  hard to get more hits on the blog, so even though I am a figure-it-out-for-myself kinda gal, I decided to do the dreaded thing of asking Google. Why is this a bad thing? Well I didn’t fancy trawling through 9 million hits to be honest to see how it’s done. But anyways, I did it and got 94 million hits. Great. I started at number one anyway and low and behold it turned out to be an education in how to use trackbacks (I know I should have always been using this). Better late than never. I came across Seth Godin’s blog, the dude who wrote Linchpin and Survival is not enough . He has 56 tips on how to get hits and some of them are hilarious! One is that you should write in Chinese, great tip given that it is the most widely spoken language in the world, it’s not OK to write about your boyfriend or your cat, but it’s OK to write about your kids, you should apparently write scathing things about other bloggers so that they will comment back or better still link back to you (not sure if I’ll do this). And the best one. Write about Google. 🙂


styleisleIRL on Sense of Fashion

styleisleIRL on Sense of Fashion.

Mon Cher

Do you remember this fabulous scene from a movie that invented a whole new language – “I’m Outtie” (my fav) and without a doubt the most critically acclaimed phrase “as if” – a movie that defined fashion as fabulous, made Alicia Silverstone famous and which led to “Murray” being cast in Scrubs for several years? Clueless came out when I was 14 and since then I have watched it to a point where I had to buy a new copy on DVD, as the old one decided to retire.

Well the dress pictured here is by Calvin Klein. We know this why? Refer to below please:

Mel (Cher’s Dad): Cher, what is that?

Cher: A dress.

Mel: Says who?

Cher: Calvin Klein

She then darts off into a fabulous vintage car owned by the delectable Christian and listens to Billy Holiday (whom Cher thinks is a man…classic!)

Where am I going to with this? Well, while on this evening as per my usual blog/website trawl, I read that this dress has been re made by Calvin Klein at the request of an LA based boutique owner. Naturally, Calvin obliged and is available from the store tomorrow. It’s only $915. Bargain.

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Stylestar – Erin Kaplan

There’s a great section on called Fashion Spotlight where The City’s Erin Kaplan talks about her individual style. Not only is she one of my fav’s (she has a cool job and makes Olivia put her head in the sand on more than one occasion) she has amaaaaazzzzzing style. The leather jacket in the pic above is from Gucci and it costs over $7,000. Yeah I know, but no one who lives a real life outside of fashion can afford this. You should log on and check this out, she comes across as really nice and someone who is dedicated to fashion (and doesn’t like Livermo)

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You have to see the pic of the new Labou

You have to see the pic of the new Laboutins for Autumn on my blog! They are scary high.