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Penchant for sophistication

I assisted on the most amazing shoot yesterday, which I am pretty sure is going to be a big hit and will be seen in print. Whilst observing my stylist friend at work, the undercurrent of classic looks and sophistication grew on me. Sometimes, with looks like this, there is a tendancy for the shots to look a little bland and minimalistic in a bad way, and the challenge for the stylist and the

photographer is greater to make the looks visually appealing and eye catching. I can’t wait to see the shots from today as both the stylist and photographer make a great team and their creative directions are perfectly aligned. They just get it. Yeah. No other way of saying it. They just get it.


Samantha Hunt opens Studio 7

These amazing shots were taken by Cork based photographer, and my friend, Samantha Hunt. Samantha is opening her first studio this week, Studio 7, in South Mall, Cork and together with an experienced and talented creative team, Samantha is the next big thing to take on the fashion and design worlds. Originally from Los Angeles, with a background from design studios in Los Angeles  and the influence of Hollywood glamour, mystery and storytelling the artfully created imagery from the studio is now offered for both privately commissioned  and commercial projects. I love her approach to photography and the images she creates have her style written all over them.

To view her portfolio log onto

And watch out for some future collaborations from us!!!!