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Glasto-Picnic – to go or not to go…

So everyone goes to Glastonbury. Well not everyone. Well not me anyway. Every year I flick through the aftermath of the fashion faux pas’ and frollics and decifer what I made of it. Then I tell myself, as I do every year, that I really should go. The next year comes around and yet again I don’t go. The unfortunate thing is that I do the same with Oxygen and Electric Picnic, despite their rather close geographic proximity to me. Now this year, I could go to either festival with an ulterior motive which is to report on the fashion at said festivals for the blog.

As I weigh up the pros and cons, I seem to come up with more cons, festival fear if you will. Here are my cons:

1) I like stable ground. On which to walk and especially to sleep. Sinking I do not like and succombing to the depths of large quarry-like holes of mud is not my thing.  

2) There is nowhere to put your suitcase. I like to unpack. I don’t like creased clothes.

3) The whole bathroom issue. I don’t need to elaborate.

4) Mud. It may have been sunny this year but what about all the other times, huh?

5) Where is one to plug in her GHD? My hair does not do damp, humid, wet etc. etc.

6)  It takes about 10 hours to drive to said festivals in festival induced traffic frenzy.

7)  I like music but I’m not really in tune with all those new bands which everyone seems to know except me. It took me a good two years after everyone else, to discover that I actually liked MGMT. But I do know who two door cinema club are! Or is it three door cinema club….oh I don’t know (I now sound like an ‘oul one)

8) Mud. Yes again. There is so much of it, it has to appear twice.

9) Wellies don’t fit me properly. Although Hunter have brought out a very chic new range of wellies for the festival-goer…..mmmmm

10) And most importantly, dressing like Sienna or Daisy cannot be pulled off by moi. I’d look ridiculous, although I could just invent new festival style….I’m starting to re think this whole festival thing …..