Me and Gok have a chat!

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Gok Wan. Visiting Dublin to promote his new collection with Specsavers, I chatted to him about his unbelievable career and his future plans. Here’s a little snippet from the article:

“I will never say no to an interview with someone I admire. In fact, I’ll cancel dates and drive the country to make time for an opportunity which I know my readers will love. In the relaxed surroundings of the Dylan Hotel, I got to share a sofa with Gok Wan to talk specs, shopping and how he does it all. Gok is on his second collection for glasses giant, Specsavers. “It makes sense for me to design glasses not only from a fashion point of view. I’m known for my glasses” he says. “This second collection now is all the style people wants. It’s far more considered. The first collection has done very well, and I hope people come back again”. Gok is an easy going chatty guy, and on a whistle stop tour of Dublin to promote the brand, my fifteen minutes is slotted amongst radio and television appearances, although he did tell me he was fitting in some shopping at Brown Thomas. I almost asked if I could come but professionalism prevailed over excitement.

To read the whole think, click here to re-direct to styleisle!

Oh and if you happen to get U Magazine this week, take a look at my pic to promote the Enable Ireland Give Up Clothes for Good campaign!



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