So what have I been up to?

Gosh it’s been ages since I posted up here. Most of my effort these days are going into which is growing and I am so grateful to all my dedicated readers! Since January, I have had a hectic few months. I’ve written a great summer feature for The Richmond Green magazine in London and we are working on a shoot for them too, I have become involved in the Enable Ireland Give up Clothes for Good campaign and there is a great feature coming up in U Magazine shortly, and I am shooting a movie this weekend, where I am Head of Costume! The styleisle empire is growing and thanks to a lot of hard work and some great people I have met along the way, I couldn’t be happier. Fashion week was great as always and the Irish were strongly represented both on the catwalk and in the audience. I had my photo taken for Elle Japan! Anyway, thanks for all your support and keep reading my personal posts here (I promise there will be more) and!

Some things I am loving at the mo

botega veneta


philip lim

Mikael Aghal

Alexander Wang


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