karl vs marc.

Okee dokey, 2011 is over and 2012 is here and I plan to make this a good one. I’ve made the bold move into fashion and I intend on making it work. And so to prep myself for fashion weeks, I have eased myself back into work with having a look at the Spring ad campaign  feature on nymag today. To top off my research this evening, I have discovered Pinterest.com which has become my best friend. I’m pinning left right and blindside here. My conclusions on the campaigns will give no surprise with Chanel clearly the frontrunner for simplicity and neatness. Clean lines complement the white palate and sleek styling of the models. And Karl shot this himself. I cannot wait to see what circus of opulence they will have at this year’s couture and ready to wear shows.  I often wonder do Karl and Marc sit down at the beginning of every season and have a tete a tete over a glass of barolo and see how they can outdo each other on the scale of decadence. The conversation my go a little like this:

Karl: Ah Marc, I see Kate has become a favourite of yours for the LV ready to wear shows, non?

Marc: She begged me to do it. I couldn’t say no, I mean she practically offered to do it for free.

Karl: Personally, I prefer something more subtle. Like a carousel of models who step off in turn. Classic and of course very cost effective to produce as is the motto of Chanel. It was all Alexa’s idea.

Marc: Well Karl, I could not accuse you of doing anything by halves but honestly you will have to take it up a notch. Like, I think I’m going to make everyone sit on the floor. Those guys over in Balenciaga thought we wouldn’t guess that the benches collapsing was a deliberate stunt for publicity. I know Anna will just love it. It’s a very original idea.

Karl: Hmmmm, sounds like you’re jealous Marc. Why, the lift thing you did for Fall/Winter, kind of “Get Smart” style wouldn’t you say?

Marc: Now Karl, let’s not go there. Don’t get my started on the Florence oyster.

Karl:  [says nothing, in utter dismay Karl leaves the conversation and thinks, “I’ll show him”].

Obviously this conversation is a figment of my fashionable imagination but let’s just see what happens with these two iconic fashion houses this year.

chanel spring summer 2012

On styleisle, I will have loads more of the regular stuff and hopefully more frequently too! And I hope to do lot’s more styling and writing too! Here’s hoping!



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