Feathers. Oh no you didn’t.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a fashion slayer. I tend not to get critical very often and when I do…well…it’s justified. Last week, Rihanna attended the launch of her new perfume. Now if I was launching a perfume, I would wear something like this:

Autumn/Winter Louis Vuitton. Yum. Oh I love you Marc. (Jacobs that is, creative director at the label).

But not Rihanna. No she wore this:

So, this is from the latest collection from Antonio Berardi. I was at this show in February when this was shown and I didn’t like then and I don’t like it now. It’s wrong. Actually it’s a crime. The colour is beautiful, soft aquamarine which is lovely to see in the colder months. But the feathers? I mean, come on! Who told him this was a good idea. And what you can’t see in this pic is that it’s a jumpsuit, not a dress.

Designers can get it wrong! Case in point. See above.


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