wedding lust

When I get married I want my pictures to look like this. I mean. Wow. Talk about amateur dramatics. Aside from that, this is the all time top of my list posed wedding pic. Jamie and Kate bring a whole new edge to wedding photography; it kind of reminds me of Twilight in a good way. Bella and Edward in 15 years time. And now that the nuptials are over and the  dress is in the dry cleaners, the lady herself is the cover girl of the September issue (the US one of course, Anna has spent hours on it!). The September issue of all fashion mags is the key issue for every publishing house. It’s the highest selling for the simple reason…this is the issue that marks the turn of the fashion season. We are officially in Fall/Winter 2011. The best of the designers, the catwalk trend reports, the how to wear advice etc are documented by in the key issue of the year. After all, they did make a film about it and as it was once said, if fashion was a religion, Vogue would be the bible.


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