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I recently did a little piece over on RTE fashion all about my style and from whom I get my inspiration….

Fashion Fix with Lorna Weightman

Lorna Weightman

Saturday, 16 July 2011
By Sarah McIntyre

“We caught up with Irish fashion blogger of Style Isle to get the lowdown on her fashion influences, beauty must-haves and favourite designers and high street stores.

Sarah McIntyre: Do you experiment with your look?
Lorna Weightman: All the time. I like to push the boundaries. I wouldn’t say that I conform to trends each season; I take what I like and make it work for my style and sometimes that means diverting from the mainstream. It’s great to test the waters with style by just adding the smallest detail and then gradually building up to wearing something that is a complete departure from your day to day style. Fashion has a learning curve, and the only way to progress, is to take a risk every once in a while.


To read the rest of the article click here


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