A design for life

Blog inspiration has been escaping me recently and never moreso than the last few days since I am confined to the sofa with a hair line fracture in my foot. So I am now the proud owner of a pretty unstylish pair of crutches which are not doing anything for my style. So I’ve been working from home and struggling to find some colour to bring back the spark.

So this evening when my working day at the dining room table came to an end, I headed to styleisle HQ (which involves sliding my chair from the dining room table to my lovely glass topped desk where I keep my Vogues in chronological order and all the latest look books which have been arriving in the post steadily since last week in light of high summer). I’m on the lookout for wedding  outfits for this year’s wedding season. I’ve got 6 this year and I want to build the outfits from a core set of pieces. I’ve been perusing my favourite online shops, like ASOS and Etsy and Nasty Gal in the US looking for some ideas. And then it came to me. I’m going to design them myself.  ARGHHHH PROJECT!!! (in the words of Cher for all you Clueless fans).

So out came the notepad and the book I bought last year in Miami on fashion illustration and I have begun to perfect the art of drawing the looks I want. Firstly though, in my fashion design education, I am teaching myself to draw the body and poses which will suit the pieces. I never knew how difficult it was to construct the body in exactly the right way for a garment. You take these things for granted when you eye a piece of couture or even the latest offering from the high street. Gosh I have a new found respect for designers.

Once I have this down, I am focusing on designing the following pieces:

1) A flowing maxi preferably made from chiffon or some light fabric with lot’s of movement and maybe some pleats.

2) Slash neck sleeveless top. This will be in a block colour.

3) Short full skirt, slightly shorter than a 50s style skirt. This will be in a light colour I think and a heavier fabric.

4) Capped sleeve top in a print. This should go nicely with both skirts I plan to have made.

5) Wide legged light fabric pants. Palazzo for want of a more contemporary word. I want these to be bright.

Inspiration is coming from Jil Sander, Gucci and the strcuture of Lanvin S/S 2011.

Lanvin S/S 2011, I love the movement here


Jil Sander S/S 2011, long skirts and colour blocking


Gucci S/S 2011 campaign. Colour!!!

I’ll let you know how I get on!



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