Bressie goes solo. And the song rocks.

You know Irish music is pretty great. There are so many amazing artists out there but perhaps none so cool as Niall Breslin, aka Bressie. The former front man from The Blizzards is going it alone and was kind enough to tell me all about it last week.

Tell us about your new single and what it feels like to go it alone!

The song is called “Cant stay Young Forever” and it was written as an uplifting outlook on life and how too many people I know regretted not doing things rather than things they had done. I feel slightly naked doing the solo route as the band served as a kinda cocoon as we were mates and had experienced it all together. I miss them but very excited to go this route too.

The new song is upbeat and really catchy, where did the inspiration come from?

It was said to me actually in a conversation with my tattoo artist just before he covered my forearm in a tattoo. I always wanted one there and never had the balls and just before he put the needle in he said “you cant stay young forever” and there it was. He can p*** off if he comes looking for a royalty.

Would  you say you are a follower of fashion?

I have a lot of respect for people involved in fashion. My ex girlfriend worked in fashion and I saw first hand how much must be sacrificed to succeed and get ahead in fashion. Its very similar to the music industry and its driven by passion and pure love for what ye do so and people must be respected for that.

What does style mean to you?

I feel the most important thing is not what your wearing but how you wear it. Confidence and fit and very important to me. You sometimes see people with a great current and original sense of style but for some reason it looks awkward and unbelievable . So style to me is picking clothes and images that compliment your personality and your size.

What’s your favourite look and why?

There is simply nothing slicker than a tailored perfectly fitted suit . I don’t get to wear them very often (apart from a court appearance for speeding few months ago).
Being in the public eye, is how you look important to you?

I think its more important to look honest. I have a dread for bands that look over styled unless it looks natural. Its important to look after yourself but its more important to be yourself.

What’s the one female fashion trend/look that you really don’t like.

Ugg boots, flat shoes and shoulder pads.

What are your upcoming projects? 

Apart from finishing solo album Im working and developing a few artists in the UK in terms of production and song writing . I think some of them are very special talents indeed.
What do you make of the Irish music industry. Is there enough support for new artists?

The live scene in Ireland would kick the british live scenes ass. There is a culture of co written over here that I think would benefit a lot of irish bands and artists . I feel Irish talent shy away from it but its a great way to open your eyes to different genres and influences. In terms of support, unfortunately its a survival of the fittest like the fashion industry and can be a tough place but once success comes it feels all the more special if ye worked hard for it.

Favourite song of the moment and why?
I’m listening to nothing but Phoenix at the moment. I am obsessed with this band for so many reasons but mainly their melodies . The singer is a genius and his melody writing blows me away. I love good well written pop music that has legs and can stand test of time. I’m not sure we will be listening to N-dubz in 10 years time.

Wanna check out the vid, just click on the link below.

Thanks a mill to Bressie for the interview and to my good friend Shel. Much love. x


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