Style gets Cannes’d

Whoever said that the Cannes Film Festival was the most stylish event on the film calendar was totally wrong. Between this year’s Oscars, the Met Ball and Cannes, the celeb world of fashion has totally derailed. Here are the top three culprits.

Culprit #1 Cheryl

Problem: Oh Good God. No wonder Cowell is rumoured to be looking for a stylist for her US domination project. She committed a crime with the “Zara-esque” pants las week (ie. way too long for the average height person) and now this. The dress is fine, perhaps too low and I know that the belt is made from hand blown glass but seriously! TONE IT DOWN.

Action: How many times do we have to say this. WEAR LESS MAKE UP!

Culprit #2 Penelope Cruz

Problem: Normally one of my favourites. This is more like Tinkerbell od’d on chiffon. Make up and hair are stunning but don’t match the overall look. I think it’s the fringe actually. I will give her this, she triumphs over Cheritle up above.

Action: Keep it simple. She’s unreal, she doesn’t need the fussiness.

Culprit #3 Vanessa Hudgens

Problem: She’s letting herself go a bit. Could have least have brushed her hair?????? And the white shoes? Oh I can’t even look at this, it hurts my eyes.

Action: Hire a stylist and buy a hair brush.

[Pics from the Daily Mail and Sky Showbiz]


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