Skin care time!

Elizabeth Arden is a brand synonymous with the best in skin care and focusing on what’s right for your skin type. Celebrity make up artist, Joseph Hernandez, is over in Dublin to promote a piece of technology at Elizabeth Arden that will ensure that we are using the right products for our skin type. Joseph began working with the brand exclusively 15 years ago, and within that 7 years has developed a freelance career that has seen him work with the best in the business, not to mention working alongside Catherine Zeta Jones, the brand’s ambassador, to develop a look for their stunning campaigns.   

Joseph is standing firmly behind the brand’s latest invention, the “matchmaker”. “This computer will read skin and tells you exactly where to concentrate your efforts, it will read sun damage, clarity, elasticity and moisture. It takes five minutes!”. Joseph recommends that customers have their skin read so that you your skin type can be confirmed. “If you get your skin sorted out, make up will follow. Skin care is the most important part. It’s good to cover, but better to correct”, Joseph tells me whilst we are perched on high stools at the Elizabeth Arden counter in Arnotts, where customers can see this technology in use until tomorrow, May 6th

Women are terrible for buying products which are most unsuitable for their skin; we are all victims of marketing sometimes that we forget to check the suitability of each product for our skin, the biggest organ in our bodies. Joseph says the biggest misconception women have about their skin is the definition of oily skin. “Oily skin can still be dehydrated and women think by purchasing a rich cream, will be hydrating. Skin care should be simple!”. Joseph is an advocate of a basic ten minute skin regime, including, cleanse and tone, eye care, moisturising both day and night. “Skincare should be tailored for your lifestyle. This is the optimum skin routine and you can alter it to add a serum for example”, Joseph explains.  

So basically, skin care does not take a lot of effort, it’s just getting it right for you, is the biggest issue. If you want to have your skin read, pop along to Arnotts and meet Joseph for advice from the expert himself.

 Joseph will be back in Arnotts on June 8th for three days to launch the latest in the Prevage range which is set to change the definition of revolutionary skin care forever!  


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