styleisle extra!

Happy weekend readers! I had promised myself I would take a break this weekend, but following a very successful shoot on Friday, I felt all inspired! I am fortuntate enough to receive press releases on a regular basis all of which I read thoroughly ( no lie I tell you, every single one!). Since I can hardly choose which ones to feature on  the styleisle blog, I decided to make a whole new page on called styleisle extra!   where I will feature all of my favourite products, old or new which I think my readers will also enjoy! All with the aim of keeping you up to date with what is hitting the shops.

Today launches the first styleisle extra, with a great new jewellery line from Topshop by Pamela Love! It’s very cool and I have picked my favourite piece, a heart shaped silver ring!

So get over to my baby…I mean…ahem…my website and check it out! Please feel free to leave comments on the featured products too!


One response to “styleisle extra!

  1. Hello 🙂

    Lovely Blog. I am Jenn Ruppert, the Founder & President of College Couture, and we threw the first College Fashion Week at my college, university of illinois this past week. I would love to get you involved somehow! Do you have contacts to any universities overseas in Ireland? Would you like to potentially be a guest speaker/do a blog post? I am up for ideas and feedback. We are looking to expand in the next years to more colleges & ALWAYS looking for new & cool designers 🙂

    Website –>
    Twitter–> @CoutureWeekUIUC
    E-mail –>
    Facebook page –>


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