LFW Day 1 (well so far)

Well it’s on. Mic in hand I’m here. Up at 6am to get glammed up and on the train to Waterloo and into Somerset House.

9am. Paul Costello

A colour pop. Undoubtably, the best possible opening to fashion week. Dusky greens, cerise pink, mustard fused with metallics, tartan and beautiful tailoring. I interviewed Paul after the show where he told me fabrics had been sourced from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary and across the Continent to Italy, all in the name of material. Paul says he keeps a careful eye on Vogue and inspiration can come from anywhere, but this season it’s ensuring that our colour palette is nice and bright. Being a fan of swirling short skirts, Paul says he’s not a fan of the word “mini”! The collection is as always, ultra feminine and classically crafted. An underlying trend in the collection is tartan. Now not in the stereotypical sense.  Nice tones of pink and green make the pattern softer and easier to wear. One thing I will say is that the hair was something else. Severely cut bobs in faded pink were the perfect compliment to collection. Paul said the inspiration came from his wife who has a similar cut to her hair. Originally dyed red, the wigs were toned down. Speaking of family, Paul’s daughter Jessica opened and closed the show. Being a very lovely person, taking after her Dad, she happily posed for a photo after the show.

Verdict: Perfect.

12 noon Caroline Charles

Ok I didn’t get this. I got the influence alright, probably second world war meets country pursuits. Mid length skirts, palazzo pants, short jackets with belts in tweed, monochrome, silk and an awful lot of sequins! Yeah I know, sounds like a bit of a mess. It wasn’t the most overwhelming collection but I could clearly see her target markets getting excited at this and the fabrics were rich and well constructed.

What’s next? Aminaka Wilmot, Felder Felder, Bora Aksu and saving the best til last…..PPK closing Day one! (Images coming later)

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One response to “LFW Day 1 (well so far)

  1. loving this collection x

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