I remember when I was about 17, I was tasked with dying the hair of several of my male friends. The craze at the time was bleach blonde. Not the surfer dude look. No. Think more Billy Idol. In a bad way.

Having experimented with brown since September, it’s high time that I bring the fun back into my life and start the re-blonding process. It’s no easy feat, and thankfully my wonderful hairdresser, Sinead, has made it possible. It’s a gradual process, but phase one happened today. Some lovely light blonde highlights are shining through a rich chocolate brown base and with two more gos, I will officially be of the lighter variety once more.

I thought I would share some of my favourite celeb hair changes of recent times. To qualify for my list, the celeb must display the following:

1) Wearability. If I’m going to copy it, it needs to workable in reality and not just in H.wood; and

2) Matchability. Changing your hair colour can mean altering your wardrobe to suit. In a recession, changing your style entirely, is not financially viable.

Drum roll pleaseeee….

Sienna Miller

Factory Girl required Si to take the chop to her Goldilocks. This was such a cool look on her. The pixie style elongated her petit stature while framing her heart shaped face. I loved this.

Scarlett Johannson

Scarlett has graduated to sophisticated with this look. With a longer face than Sienna a little more length with some choppiness at the ends makes this more edgy. SJ rocks this with a smoky eye and of course an alluring and demure persona.

 Talulah Riley

Who I hear you say? Talulah came to the fore playing Mary Bennett in Pride and Prejudice in 2005 and more recently starring in St. Trinians and Inception. What’s the deal here? Well this lady went from mousy brown to platimum blonde and back to caramel. The colour changes are not dramatic but well transitioned, a key factor when changing the hue of your locks.

So some advice for the colour change.

Rihanna red does not work outside of Rihanna land; pink and grey tones are last season (Mark Ronson didn’t get the memo); And Hair extensions are not always a good idea Cheryl.



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