Miami nights

One thing I need to point out about a weekend in Miami is the requirement for one to have an open mind. South Beach has a license for freedom of expression and one should embrace this.
Friday night came around pretty quickly this week in MIA. Work was done and it was time to play by the beach. I donned a black silk jumpsuit from New Look, cream and black silk blazer from River Island and some Nine West suede platform shoes to match. (Also worn to the Fade Street launch).
We hit the Delano bar (which is technically in the lobby) to hang out with the beautiful people of South Florida. The DJ was great, the ambiance was smooth and all in all we had the perfect equation for a great night out.
I don’t know how I manage to run into these people but we made buddies with the very cool Abraham Drimmer who not only rocks a very cool style, also happens to be an expert in Miami fashion and design. A true Rag&Bone fan, I found my new fashion tour guide for a place I actually do call my second home. Abraham also just happened to know the promoter of the club in the Delano which we glided into, passed the velvet rope and we even got to sit down. What I should point out is that usually to sit down in these places, it requires you to purchase a bottle of some form of alcohol to the value of about $500 at a minimum. We danced, we chatted and we headed home.

The Shore Club

Saturday morning provides an obligation to eat breakfast outside and people watch. With a starbucks in hand and a buzz forming on Lincoln Road, one of South beach’s main shopping districts, we headed to a shop that I could not wait to see.
Tamara Mellon christened Fly Boutique as one of her favourite stores in Miami. It’s a vintage lovers heaven and it’s full of cared-for Louis V suitcases, antique Dior jewellery and an abundance of shoes from Laboutin to Weitzman. If I had time I would spend days in this place going through every single rail I could find. It’s a Miami must and the retro vibe of the shop (and the air conditioning) make it a fun place to shop. Along with the boutiques, Lincoln road carries all the US

Fly Boutiquq

regulars like Gap, J Crew, Christian Augugier along with Williams Sinoma (for all the coolest kitchen essentials). Also one to visit is Ricky’s of NY, a cosmetics shop that carries everything from nail files, to hair extensions to a whole wall of curling irons. They stock Redken at a seriously reduced price so I try to stock up on this when I’m here.
But Lincoln Road comes alive at night. The best thing to do is get a table outside in one of the many great Italian and Cuban restaurants, eat your dinner, drink some wine and see Miami come alive. Miami is a city of the night and even at 5am the street is packed with people heading home from the clubs. Don’t be surprised to see the hotel lobby packed very early in the morning. We stayed at the Shore Club which is not exactly the most relaxing hotel. It’s more like a party hotel. The floors throughout the hotel are concrete giving it a cold and austere kind of aesthetic. I’m sure the rooms are lovely and cool in the heat of the summer, but it is also a recipe for a lot of noise! So be warned! But the pool area is typically Miami and one of the hottest spots to be seen. With a DJ an’ all.
Sunday is a little more tame and I was up and about by 9am to breakfast in the sunshine. Mmmm pancakes. A nice stroll on the beach, check out of the hotel and hit the mall to avoid the afternoon heat. I did get to see Black Swan which I raved about on stylenation news last week! And it didn’t disappoint. The costumes by Rodarte were beautifully crafted and Natalie Portman is to die for as Nina the Swan Queen. Oh and of course my new style crush is Mila Kunis.

Next week it’s back to normal at home. But I’m getting all geared up for LFW where I’ll be bringing you all the best from the front row on my blog and at so stay tuned.


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  1. Damn, your life is fabulous!

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