Private Stock Denim…take a look boys!

I love the word entrepreneur. French origin, strong, ambitious, requires a little arrogance. Whatever it means, I have struggled to meet someone who embodies the word in the fashion world. Well that is, until now. Ever hear of someone of Jon Koon? Well let me make the introduction. Jon meet my readers, they’re gonna love you. Koon is launching his latest venture, Private Stock this spring, a collection of menswear that, not if, will prove a hit. Jon Koon has the most fascinating story. Koon began making millions at the age of 16 as one of the first to “import” the auto tuning industry to the U.S.

Within months, Koon expanded his auto operations to a 25+ car race team. Shortly thereafter, while studying at Georgetown University, Koon took his storefront one step further, filling a void in the industry with his first overseas manufacturing business, Koonichi – an automotive parts brand that continues to distribute worldwide in over 20 countries. How exactly does this relate to fashion? Wait until you hear this. Koon set up Koon Enterprises, a licensing company, and Option Manufacturing Group, a private label production house. Through these companies Koon licensed a number of brands and manufactured product for top brands in the fashion industry. In addition, Koon ran private label programs for mega retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Federated department stores. Koon’s fashion career continued to prosper as he partnered with iconic luxury designer Domenico Vacca, to launch Vacca’s first sportswear collection, “Domenico Vacca Denim.” Domenico Vacca is known as the clothier of the red carpet, dressing the likes of Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, and Jeremy Piven. As the designer of Domenico Vacca Denim, Koon was able to express his lifestyle and passion for timeless fashion through his designs, establishing a cult following amongst celebrities and industry insiders.

Koon is now further expanding his fashion empire, launching his first personal lifestyle brand, Private Stock Denim for spring 2011. According to Koon, “Private Stock is a lifestyle brand that is inspired by a global perspective on progressive fashion, style, and art. Private Stock is an eclectic culture that defines individuals who live to aspire.” The brand exudes understated styling, distinctive aesthetics, and exacting craftsmanship. Cultivating the perfect harmony of rare fabrics, fine hardware, and precise details, each piece of Private Stock represents items of true distinction and exclusivity, including: custom weaved Japanese denim, rare indigo dyes, secret wash formulas, and a perfectionist approach to detail, fit and finish this one-of-a-kind brand will sculpt Koon’s own chic lifestyle empire, entering him into the next chapter in becoming the industry’s elite.

Here’s my opinion. Fusing comfortable fabrics with design that suits a generation of men who are becoming more style conscious, this collection defines menswear as cool and affordable. I love the distressed denim, Hollywood woven shirt (it even has a hood!) and the Wyndham Cardigan which make up an appealing casual look.

It’s a menswear must have and the collection can be purchased online at Boys, it’s a must.


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