A trip to style

A few weeks back I met up with the fashionista-in-the-making, Joyce McEvoy, who won a little styling session with me, with thanks to KISS magazine.

Now let’s get one thing straight, I have met a lot of people who think they know a lot about fashion, but on this particular day, I spent a few fashion filled hours with a teenager who knows more than the average fashion magazine editor.

Being able to define your style, is one thing, but being able to stay true to it is another. Over a hot chocolate in Debenhams, Joyce and I chatted of her influences, (i.e. Blake Lively!), trends she likes (cargo pants) and where to find the perfect pair of military inspired boots. To speak the truth, I saw a little of the 15 year old me in this little lady. Obsessed with fashion, making up outfits, reading every fashion magazine in the newsagents, and basically building up knowledge which I knew would come in handy in the future.

Whilst wandering about Forever 21, I shared my deepest darkest and safely stored styling secrets with Joyce and we had a go at putting together a young and contemporary look. We ended up with skinny jeans, cotton tee and a really great chunky cardi. Then we added a skirt to the outfit instead of jeans and voila, a whole new more feminine look! I showed Joyce that by pulling at the seam of jeans, you can tell how they will wear and wash. And what to look for when buying shoes (my inner chiropodist getting a rare flirt with society!).

I knew she would love Forever 21 and what’s great is that, the store is great for teenagers to mums to the girl in the office. There is something for everyone.

I reckon in a few years, I’ll be going to her for style advice! x




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