Dear Santa….

[to the tune of Santa Baby]

Santa baby, some laboutins and bags for me please,

Just these.

Drop a pair on the floor,

Santa baby, and hold on I’ll come up with some more.

Santa baby, A valentino dress with a bow,

You know.

And the jewels to go too.

Santa baby, perhaps a little bling just from you.

Santa baby, a little leather bag from Chanel,

As well.

Two CC’s on display.

Santa baby, and throw in YSL on the way.

Santa baby, a discount card for Harrods for sure,

No more.

25 per cent less.

Santa baby,  I need it for a little black dress.

Santa baby, just one more thing I seem to forget,

And yet.

It’s the best one of all.

Santa baby, a Hermés Kelly bag and a shawl.

Happy Christmas!


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