stylenation – serving you the latest news!

I have just wrapped up filming my first show for and it was a blast! 

If you wanna stay on top of what is going on the fashion world, between styleisle and stylenation, you won’t miss a thing!

Coming up, I take viewers through four looks using just one dress! Investing in one piece and adding a jacket here and an accessory there can transform your style for every time of the day, from the office to the club to tear up the rug. And none of it will make your wallet upset, I promise. As this budget lark takes over the news this week, your wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer. Getting together a great capsule wardrobe that you can build up over time is the way to go. And there is no other item like a black dress to get you going.

Plus, the stylenation must have is an amazing cardigan from Awear which I just fell for while filming. And again, none to pricey.

You will also be able to hear my little voice giving you the up to date news from the fashion world. Much more interesting than the real news. And will definitely make you smile when you watch it! Move over Ann Doyle, I’m here now! Hmmmm… now there’s a thought, a fashion report on Six One! Hello Mr. RTE, I have an idea for you…..

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2 responses to “stylenation – serving you the latest news!

  1. Ah brilliant, well done!

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