The mythical queue

It’s all over. The hype. The queue (or lack thereof). The collection.

Last night I had second thoughts as to whether I would get up at dawn to go get me some Lanvin. But I had a moment of clarity at about 11pm last night and I was determined. I hauled myself up and into town for 7am quite nervous to see the size of the queue. To my utter surprise there were only 6 people in front of me! A lot different from Jimmy Choo last year where people had camped overnight (although rumour has it that some had slept outside the store in Dundrum). The security guard informed us (me and my news friends that I made in the queue) that first customer arrived at 5.50 Thermos flask in hand.

So armed with a take away coffee we bore the cold in our bones and at 740 the H&M PR ladies appeared with goody bags. One of the nicest things about this morning was making new friends (Jane and Denise from Rialto, Susie from Wicklow but living in Qatar and Niamh from Cork). I got the coveted wristband for the first 20 in the queue and departed for more tea with my new friends for the next hour until the time of reckoning and elbowing came.

I have say that the collection was limited insofar as the dress I wanted was not in stock. The rush was on for the one shouldered dresses in black, purple and yellow. I went for the purple and I have to admit I love it. I typically never go for one shouldered attire, but this one I like. What most customers didn’t know about is Alber’s signature seam. Well that there isn’t one. The dresses do have threads hanging off them and that seemed to be a problem (hardy har har, no pun intended).   

Delightful as is to have piece of the collection, and sad as it is that I didn’t get the dress I want, I am a happy customer.

And now I’m shattered. 😦


One response to “The mythical queue

  1. Hey Lorna! Niamh here (from Cork!). It was lovely to meet you yesterday. I ended up getting the yellow dress, still unsure about it. I also got the black tuxedo jacket, black patent shoes & purple ruffle sleeve dress. It was v interesting meeting you. I’m very impressed by the blog, it’s fab!! N x

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