Olivia and Dani should be friends.

The girl crush on Olivia Palermo intensified this week as she attended yet another event to promote her association with Mango. Looking classic but maybe a little plain in a blouse and pants, she also announced that she’s working on a new TV project. And guess what? According to NYMAG she announced it via elle.com, her former employer. But I have my doubts as to whether she actually ever worked there. During the height of The City, I used to check the magazine credits for her name to find evidence of her illusionary employment. I only managed to see Joe Zee and Erin Kaplan who are genuine tax-paying workers.

Don’t believe she or Whitney actually worked at DVF either.

On the subject of reality TV, what are the thoughts on Fade st? I have to say I am glued to it. Out of intrigue and a need to see who is my favourite character. To date, it’s definitely Dani. When I interviewed her I was so impressed with her personality, relatability and ambition and to be honest, I saw a little of myself in her. No I can’t sit on a beach for hours and I totally would have gone for a stroll as well.

So my two reality chicks of the week are:


One response to “Olivia and Dani should be friends.

  1. Adore Olivia palermo!! She never gets it wrong, always looks amazing! Although she seems to have slimmed down a good bit to facilitate a new modelling career which is bizarre as there was very little of her to begin with! It’s exciting to see her venture into design, can’t wait to c more from her. She is a classic dresser and may not always blow us all away with an outfit, however she is gifted in the sense that she understands style and has unfallable taste!!

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