In love with Lanvin

One word. Lanvin. Well three words actually. Lanvin for H&M. This time next week I will be recovering from a 5am start the previous day where I will be queuing for the long awaited collaboration between H&M and Alber Elbaz.

The collection is quintessentially Lanvin. Heavy fabric, rushing, block colours, puffy sleeves and one shouldered dresses. This is probably the closest it’s gotten to having a real piece from any of the designers who have designed for the Swedish chain to date.

I got the catalogue yesterday and found it hard to choose. Given that Society is going through a little rough patch, I have decided to buy only two pieces. One dress and one coat. In preparation for the pilot for stylenation, I am doing as I have been preaching, and trying to work with my existing wardrobe – only adding complimentary pieces. This is why I will probably go for a new LBD. The LBD is a versatile commodity. Wear it with high heels and a faux fur stole, hair pinned up and you have a great red carpet-esque look. Wear with a leather jacket and chunky boots and you transform into one trendy chick. One piece – two looks.

In comparison to the Jimmy Choo collection, I think Lanvin will be popular alright but not as coveted as JC. Why? Well firstly, it’s not as widely known in general consumer land. I reckon it has a cult following. Face it, I could, If I saved (hate that word) afford a pair of Jimmy Choos, but not a Lanvin dress which typically falls into the category of couture.

And secondly, it’s not as commerical as Jimmy Choo. Lanvin signature design is apparent throughout and this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although, I do think some of the pieces have the look of Zac Posen about them.

Either way, I can’t wait to see it and I am dying to hear the fashion world’s reaction.

So, Thermos flask, fleece and woolly hat at the ready, and of course the camera, I will never look so unfashionable going shopping. But I’ll sure be toasty!

So who’s going to come and queue with me?


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