styleisle boutique watch: Zuku by KSO

Experience counts for everything. In fashion and in life. You spend life building up knowledge, either fundamental or rudimentary, either way and in every way, this is your ticket to a life more extraordinary.

Insightful as this may seem, I met someone on Saturday who has built one of the most successful careers in fashion in Ireland, and has taken what she knows best, and applied it to a new venture.



Fearne Cotton wearing Sugarhill Boutique


Zuku by Kate Scully-Owens, has recently opened on Cutlery Road in Newbridge to an applause from the fashion world. Kate has lived fashion, from retail to wholesale, and I had the pleasure of spending some time with her at Zuku on Saturday.

The ambient but edgy retail space houses some new labels to our shores:  Gracia New York, Nicola LA, Toki & Nabi UK, Koo-True UK, Yuki UK, Sugarhill Boutique, & Blend Denmark.

Zuku will also shortly be carrying a small exclusive selection of Voom by Joy Han also based in LA, one of the celebrity favourites!! Orion London, Trollied Dolly and Bonsui are all also due in!

“The aim is to provide exclusive fashion at high street prices. The average retail price is from 40 to the most expensive being 90.   I have some great looks on the way!”, says Kate as we peruse the rails adorned with some of the nicest pieces I have seen in a while.

The pieces by Sugarhill Boutique really caught my eye, not only due to the detail of some of the collection but the low prices! Sugar hill Boutique started life in 2003 as an independent boutique in the fashionable Barrio Gotico area of Barcelona. The word on the fashion grapevine soon spread to the shores of England and the Sugar hill Boutique label was born.

Sugar hill Boutique was founded by Pawel and his little sister Aleksandra Przedpelska – they met at home. Luckily, popular theories were dispelled and sibling rivalry gave way to a partnership where their individual talents compliment each other.

Kate has struck a brilliant balance between a luxury retail space with brands which are affordable. It’s inspiring to see this boutique is adapting to the lower price points being driven down the high street.

Zuku by KSO is hosting a customer event on Sunday November 14th, so drop in and have a look!


3 responses to “styleisle boutique watch: Zuku by KSO

  1. I’d love to have the guts to start up my own business….it’d be so great to own my own little shop!

  2. I know, being your own boss would be so lovely…..

  3. hey lovely
    we sell sugarhill boutique in all of our boutiques and online now too such as that top fearnes wearing here :

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