Daddy or Chips. Great name.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a coffee with Matthew Kirwan, the mastermind behind Dublin’s latest club night Daddy or Chips. Matthew and I have a mutual friend who told me we had to meet up to talk about the club night which is held at The Good Bits, just opposite Busaras. Now this is no ordinary club night. I might add, that apart from the likes of Tripod, the club night has really been asleep in Dublin for the last few years, so I see this as a bit of a rebirth with an edge. What’s the edge? Well apart from having the coolest name which orginated from Matthews friend, artist Nina McGowan, the club night revolves around the equation of Music + Art+ Fashion = Cool. Launched as part of the Dublin Festival of Fashion, the night has taken off with Dublin’s trendy and arty set.

I got a guided tour around the club which is split into three areas with three separate DJs playing commerical/rock/anything to House to Dance. And each area’s decor has a different theme. One thing that caught my eye is the amazing graffitti adorning anything from a pillar to a random wall. Matthew says they have had artists pop  up on the night to do live grafftti which is great not only as an outlet (a legal one) for the artists to show what they can do but an amazing focal point.

The night also encourages aspiring DJs to come in for a set from 10-11.

Matthews wants to make Dublin 1 cool again and for the Good Bits to be the first choice of venue on a night out. The club does attract a nice crowd who appreciate the artistic and creative slant on the club.

The Good Bits have also struck a deal with Bulmers Berry; and having a well established brand behind you, well that’s just the icing on the cake really.

Daddy or Chips will take place every Saturday from Saturday, 2nd October.

For more information on Daddy or Chips contact Matthew Kirwan on 085 7246200.

(Partners include: Skunkfunk, Kling, Shampoo Hair Design, Robert s Juice CafÈ, J‰germeister, Velvet Beauty, Makeup Fabilicious, The Good Bits, Mc Gowans Print, Jacobs Inn.)

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