The evolution of Kate Moss

I’ve walked through JFK a bunch of times. One of the world’s busiest airports. Filled with travellers, making their way to some far away place ready to embark on a new adventure; stepping into the unknown. Some going back home filled with the thrill of seeing those close to them. Everytime I walk through this concrete gateway, I wonder one thing. Is there another Kate Moss ready and waiting to be discovered. I find myself observing the impatient crowd for the next big thing on the catwalk. Can your life actually change in an airport? Hers sure did.

From the 14 year old travelling with her parents to the world’s most infamous catwalk queen. Her career (and life) has been played out in front of the cameras and papers, more often to the detriment of her iconic status in fashion.

Notwithstanding the moments of sheer horrific decision making (Pete Doherty being one), she plays her role in the eye of the lense and has contributed to some of the most memorable and flawless editorials and campaigns.

Here’s to you Kate love.


3 responses to “The evolution of Kate Moss

  1. A true legend in the modelling world, I don’t think a replacement has been found yet.

  2. She’s a legend and it’s just nuts to think that if her parents had stopped to grab a coffee or had been running early that day she might never have been discovered!

  3. really digging her new fringe. she is quite the timeless model agreed.

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