We so stylish

I’m kinda wrecked. I have been out every night since Thursday and my feet are starting to give out about the discomfort of platform shoes. I keep telling them there’s only one more night to go and I did give them a day off today by wearing Converse. So for now they are happy. I do have to  break it to them shortly that they are going out again tonight for dinner in Ely.

Rewinding the week to Thursday, the lovely peeps at Harvey Nichols Dublin asked me to attend their shopping event being held to honour the 25th anniversary of the iconic Elle magazine. So I donned the Bertie platforms which have been in my company for the last three years, and teetered along with my new BFF Mark Andrew Kelly, to sip on Comos and meander around one of my favourite shops (Oh and I’ll be blogging before, during and after a fab event he’s organising on October 28 at Brassarie 66! More details during the week).

I love the basement, which is now stocking Dannii Minogue’s Project D collection btw. I sometimes have to treat shops like Art Galleries. You can go in and have a look but in accordance with the rule book that comes with your wallet, nothing is for sale to you. I have been known to deviate from this theory, obviously. I’m on the look out for my Winter investment piece so HN had some great options for me which I am going to pop back and have a look at this week!

On our departure, we got some lovely goodies, including the new fragrance from John Richmond which is growing on me. x

Oh yeah, and check out these two posers…

Thanks to the lovely Sandra at HN for taking the pic and inviting us along!


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