Dublin Festival of Fashion – Rimmel Masterclass

I am delighted that our fair city has put together a celebration of the style we have been holding within for so long. This weekend is time to let it all out. Girls donned their finest Saturday shopping attire and took to the streets in force to get a load of the style on show from the southside to the northside. From fashion shows in St. Stephen’s Green shopping centre, down Grafton St to the Old Habitat Building where Barnardos have a pop up shop, across the river to shows on the hour at Arnotts and into the Ilac centre for more shows and pop up make up stands from the world’s most famous cosmetic brands.

I started at 11 am this morning (with a lovely coffee from Nude) and headed into the first of the days Rimmel Masterclasses with the gorgeous Ken Boylan who shared this tricks of the trade with a lovely group of ladies who were only to eager to learn from the best. Ken had lovely model Suzanne, hop up in the chair where he worked his magic. Ken was going for a classic day time look taking into account that we ladies are normally rushing around in the morning doing out make up at the same time as eating a slice of toast and straightening our hair (well that’s my typical morning!). Using Rimmel’s Perfect Match foundation, which costs less than €11, Ken squirted just a pea size amount into the palm of his hand and applied with a brush. I did put up my hand and ask a question to the teacher on how to prep your skin before you apply your foundation. “Good question”, said Ken (gold star for me!). Ken said that you can use primers which are silicone based but to avoid using these too often; a good moisturising routine is just as good.

Ken applied concealer to the under and inner corner of the eye with a small tipped brush and topped all that off with Stay Matte powder. “Match your powder to your skin tone. Some powders which are translucent can leave your skin looking greyish”, Ken explained.

Moving onto the eyes, using a fab colour called dusk, which he later applied as a brow colour too, Ken started at the lash line and then blended in a colour called smoky quartz with a blending brush, which illuminated the eye beautifully. Using shadow called gold rush, Ken added a sparkle to the crease of the eye which framed the whole area. For the final touch to the eyes, Ken used Lash Accelorator mascara. “Avoid mascara on the bottom lashes during the days as it can fall”, says Ken. We definitely don’t want the I-didn’t-take-my-eye-make-up-off-last-night look whilst teetering around the office.

Sculpt the face with bronzer and don’t apply it to the whole face. Now this is something we should all listen too. “Nose, chin and temples”, says Ken. And apply in circular motions to the cheeks. Blush can then be added to the cheeks.

For lips Ken says to use lip liner, lipstick and gloss. Ken lined the lips with the pencil in Tiramisu and then scribbled in the lips slightly to give a good base. He brushed on lipstick in Nude Delight and then popped some gloss over this called Take A Chance (what great names for colours!). “Lipstick is more economical than gloss”, shared Ken, and this is true plus I think it lasts longer and you don’t need to reapply as much. I actually like a more matte look on lips anyway.

This fab muted nude look for daytime was amazing and really quickly, you can use this routine to make yourself look gorge every morning. Plus all Rimmel products are under €20 which is so affordable, but are also exceptional quality.

For asking a question, Ken gave me a present of Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara and Vinyl Gloss in Pin Up which I have been wearing all day and have only reapplied once! It’s a winner for me!


One response to “Dublin Festival of Fashion – Rimmel Masterclass

  1. Sounds Like You Had An Eventful Day Hun! Go You X

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