Aprés la spectacle

Four days of fashion has bewildered me in the best possible way. I am tucked up in my lovely big bed reminising on the week that was. The purpose of this blog post is to express my love and thanks to my peeps who made LFW so special for me.

Jemima, Jenni and Natalie from www.fashioncapital.co.uk for letting me tag along with them since Friday. Fate led me to sit next to Jemima in the press room and start chatting! Random dinners, bottles of wine on the terrace of Somerset House, gatecrashing receptions with free champagne, taking millions of photographs of us pouting (you kinda had to be there!). You girls are awesome and fun to be around, I can’t wait for you to come and visit.

Mark Andrew Kelly for being so bloody talented and introducing me to the world of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout where I met with the next generation of designers and got some of the best shots of the week for my blog.  He wins my style award for the week for looking sensational everyday. Cocktails are on me next week. 🙂  

Hazel Pffeifer for the endless advice and support of my blog. And for the coffee and sitting on the kerb in Covent Garden this afternoon for a good old gossip in the sunshine.  

I adore style and I am constantly searching for its true definition. What I have taken away with me this week is an appreciation for the imagination of the designers and the lengths they go to translate this into their collections. They are supported by so many facets of the industry, which can be fickle at times but one thing is constant….talent. Perhaps style is a talent. Or is it inherent? I’m not sure but I do know that the interpretation of style is personal and I continue the search to define mine.


Oh and PS…the brown hair is here to stay.


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