Day 3 – Masha Ma

There is something fulfilling about finding something new. It’s like the sense of discovery and joy you have when you discover that you have more money than you thought you had.

Well this is a joyous moment because the collection I just saw by Masha Ma was the most visually beautiful collection I have seen so far this week. Combining strong elements like silver with cotton equates to the modern sophistication. The colour palette was equally as beautiful with muted silvers, greys, taupe and nude. Each piece was constructed with acute attention to detail. Fluidity and movement are huge trends so far this week and juxtaposed with some severe panelling and slashed fabric, there is a real contemporary feel to this whole collection.

Masha took inspiration from the meat packing district in New York which makes the collection almost industrial but the feminine edge is prevalent throughout.

It’s great to find a collection which inspires you to be more elegant both within and aesthetically. Pure and true, this is a winner.

[official photos to follow]


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