The beauty of the queue

Ok so the day has taken a little turn for the worse! Not only did a third of the people who were invited to Osman not get in, the same thing has now happened at John Rocha despite being in the queue a half an hour in advance. I have now retreated to the press room to vent a little and the thing that really bugs the most is that I can hear the show going on right beside where I am writing this blog post.

What I do not understand is why the PR companies over invite to the show  by such a huge margin! How are the invitees who don’t get in (who are normally the bloggers like me) supposed to fulfill their obligations of reporting on shows if there is actually not a hope of them getting in? Is this is pattern that is now set for the remainder of the week?

I am guessing that the show was brilliant and the collection will represent John’s consistent dedication to good design and quality with a minimalistic edge. Maybe I can get my hands on some photos and I can post them tomorrow. On a more exciting note, Ali Hewson, Guggi, Gavin Friday and Laura Whitmore are representing Ireland in there at the moment.

So it’s off home for me now since only one show came up trumps for me today, but tomorrow is another day and brings with it a whole new set of adventures and possibilities.

The styleisler is not giving up just yet!


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