lets hear it for the boys

All I really do is have style envy/crush for girls who dress well. The funny thing is that I also have boy style crush too. Now we’re not talking any ordinary boys. These ones reside in a far away land and are virtually untouchable. I am probably making myself vulnerable by putting this out there but you know…a girl can day dream….

So what are the style credentials? Well they go a little like this.

  • Must have poise, in the masculine sense of the word
  • Needs to be somewhat proud of who he is
  • Wears clothes and doesn’t just put them on
  • Radiates confidence which is echoed in his own style
  • Visibly likes to dress to well

Oh and….must be devastatingly handsome (sorry I know but eye candy is never a bad thing)

Also, can I please stipulate that I am only blogging about these boys because I like their style. Ahem. Ahem.

Yeah well, don’t believe me then.

In no particular order….Eric Bana

Wears a suit like James Bond, and therefore, perhaps should have been cast as him….just putting the idea out there. Manages to look sensational, well, all of the time. Likes tailored looks and fitted jackets. The clean and neat look of his clothes is contrasted with the roughish facial stuff he’s got going on here. Troy was a great film. Oh yes it was.

Next…Josh Hartnett

I stood about three feet away from him at the IFTAs this year. And yes he is that good looking. Siobhan from 98fm was interviewing him while I was staring from three feet away. I don’t think he noticed. Anyway, the formal look really suits this guy. Love the white tee and blazer combination. Gives the essence of “I look hot and I don’t care who notices”.

Followed by….Tom Ford

Goodness how I love this man. Not only because he did wonders at Gucci but because his sophistication translates into his collections. I am lusting after his new collection of non-branded sunglasses. I loved that Vanity Fair cover with Keira and Scarlett. He’s not afraid to be himself. Trademarks the “black suit with white shirt and the top button open look” triumphantly. Boys should learn from this man and treat him like the icon that he is. Also, love his black orchid perfume for women. Devine.

And now….Gabriel Aubrey

Whose he? He is the former Mr. Halle Berry. He is also the male version of Gisele and has a phenomenonly successful modelling career. Always looks slightly rugged but has impeccable taste whether casual or formal. The flowing locks also add dramatic effect.

Not to mention…Jonathon Rhys-Meyers

Ok so I have a soft spot for him given that we made a split second of eye contact on the red carpet at the IFTAs and since then I have called him Henry McHottie. I read recently that Joan Bergin, the costume designer for The Tudors, called him a “clothes horse” and I concur. The guy can wear anything and look good and has the attitude to go with it. He looks good dressed down and makes a hoodie look hot. I was talking to one of my girls recently about him and she made a valid point, we as a nation we have to be proud that this stylish dude comes from our little island and has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

styleislers, dying to hear your comments on this post……:) Do you agree?


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