Hello night? Hello fashion Victory!

I always imagined that if there was such a thing as a fashion table quiz that I would definitely win. Well, that theory of my vivid imagination has been disproved. Period. But, in disproving the theory I had a whole lot of fun!

To launch the new Hello Night ad campaign, West Coast Cooler held a night for the professional fashionistas of Ireland to size themselves up against their peers. Oh yes, the stiletto heels were out. Each team was made up of four talented stylistas, and in order to enter you had to submit a team name. We named ourselves the stylisitics. The competition was tough, Whisty was there with an uber talented team, both 1st Option and Assets had all their supermodel knowledge to hand, in addition to magazines, stylists….

We all piled into the top floor of the fabulous Odessa Supper Club on Dame Court. We were given the loveliest welcome by Presence PR owner Joanne Byrne, who is such a lovely person; she made us feel confident that we were going to have a fabulous night. Judith Power from West Coast Cooler told us all about their fashion filled ad campaign and the custom made dresses featured in the ad which are currently on display on 35 Grafton St.

Safe in our fashion knowledge and that we were not going to get any hints from quizmaster Michael Hayes (from TV3’s Animal A&E), we were off. The 17 rounds went from Name the designer, to name the Oscar dress, to SATC knowledge (we did quite well in this one), to celeb and designer collaborations. The thinking caps were sitting precariously on our heads and coupled with three bottles of the delicious West Coast Cooler Rose, our brain cells were working overtime.

We had some notably funny answers. Who killed Gianni Versace? Bob from Florida. Name Christy Turlington’s yoga wear line? Let’s Yoga (this answer comes to you courtesy of Edel Mcdermott). The actual answer was N.U.A.L.A. So we swiftly changed the name of Christy’s line to “Let’s Yoga Nuala”. It’s catchy!

The evening was a resounding success and it was great to see a brand so focused on delivering a marketing campaign so suitable to its target market.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Here’s a little peek at the making of it:


2 responses to “Hello night? Hello fashion Victory!

  1. omg cant believe you named and shamed me haha!!
    Bob & Nuala had a great night!

  2. To Whom it may concern,
    I am enquiring about the shoes in the west coast cooler add styled by charlott Collins i think that they are fantastic and was wondering where i could buy a pair, i am a huge shoe fanatic and these would just make my collection.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Jillian Roche

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