Magical memories of innocent days

I want to take you down memory lane.

If you are in and around the same age as me (28) you may remember a pair of shoes that sparked a frenzy of little girls to beg their mummies to bring them to Clarks and get them a pair of these magical shoes which would open the doors of a secret kingdom full of witches, elves and treasures. Are you with me?

Magic steps.

I got my magic steps when I made my Communion when I was 7. As a child I had such narrow feet that they didn’t even come on the scale which usually left me with only one pair to choose from (and they were always yuk) – perhaps this is why I love shoes so much now?….mmmmmm

Anyway, Mum, Grandma and Grandad took me to Arnotts to get the magical secret treasure shoes. They were white matte leather with a little solitary diamond on the toes with a dainty buckle. They came with a key that, when you put it in the key whole inside the shoe, it made a kaleidoscope on the sole of the shoe turn. Oh gosh, I loved these shoes with a passion. I loved them even more because they fit.

For the whole week I had them prior to my Communion, I came home from school every day and opened the box just to look at them. When I think back to the innocence of it all, I am so happy that it was those little things that put a smile on my face.

But what sparked the fascination with these shoes. Well it was the ad. It was like a film. Whenever it came on TV I was mesmerised by it. I used to pretend that I was the little girl in it.

I have such happy memories from these moments from childhood. I hope you do too.


3 responses to “Magical memories of innocent days

  1. oh my god i remember them, i was obsessed with mine!!!!

  2. A few moments of girlie memories to forget about the rain outside….x

  3. you put a smile on my face! the cutest thing I’ve heard in ages 😀

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