styleisle July 2010 – a proud moment

So I have just put the latest edition of up on the web for the world to see and judge. This one is the edition that I think I am most proud of to date. I got to meet the most wonderful people on my trip to Cork who have inspired me to work harder in the fashion world, and as a bi-product I have made some lovely friends from it. I think I spent a lot more time researching this one too. I wanted to find things that I liked and that have some personal affect on me. Like I recommend a shower gel from Dove, but to do that I used it for the last month to see if it does what it says on the tin, and by heck it does. My skin is like a baby’s. Love it. The shower gel hunt is over.

The fashion find caused me the most grief to be honest. I searched, trawled…whatever…looking for the best white tee shirt I could find. I must have tried on a hundred before I found the Selected Femme one. I actually bought this really cute cotton floral corset in the River Island sale today to wear underneath said tee at the weekend. I asked so many of my buddies where they buy their cotton tops and then I proceeded to go to each and every one of those shops. Gosh I’m even tired thinking about it!

But the most enjoyable part was interviewing the very lovely Sonya Lennon. This lady is a fashion goddess and she is my role model right now. She is driven, well versed in fashion and is such a pleasure to chat too.

Now that I sit back having uploaded the whole thing, I’m really happy with the layout and how it looks visually. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet here, but there are times when one can be happy with oneself and their achievements. I built the whole site myself and it was so worth it for the feeling I get when I see the new edition.

High five me!


4 responses to “styleisle July 2010 – a proud moment

  1. High five and top tens!

  2. HIGH FIVE!! 🙂 Mini Mexican Wave!! 🙂

  3. Well done dear, you should be proud, it’s great!

  4. Super job!

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