What the Vogue?

Good evening gang. I had a thought today as I was looking for a photo frame on the lunch break. A lot of my fellow bloggers have shared some of their favourite magazine covers of late, and given that I possess years worth of Vogues, I should maybe, just this once, follow suit.

My favourite Vogue cover is the 90th anniversary cover. It was a pull out, and since I have owned this copy, the cover has been ripped off and placed in an A3 frame and has hung proudly on my living room wall for the last two years as my constant inspiration for finding my own style. The cover is an eclectic mix of historic icons from Princess Diana to Kate Moss to the most famous cover with Twiggy, which started the mod revolution back in the 60s.

Vogue has been a constant in my life. Things change. Styles come and go. Cycles of fashion flit in and out of my life. But Vogue has always been there as my text book where I gained my fashion education. This education is far from over. There is still so much for me to learn. This learning curve is longer than usual, but it’s fabulous climbing up it every month with every new issue.

It may sound slightly silly to some to say that a magazine is a significant part one’s life, but, the talent that has grown from it, the labels that have started from it, the models who have starred in it, the editors who have carved it, rely on this magazine as their fuel.

Reading Vogue over a coffee in a quaint corner of a cafe is my piece of heaven 12 times a year.

And I love it.

 (image of the anniversary Vogue cover, taken out of its frame to photograpgh it)


4 responses to “What the Vogue?

  1. I have that up on my wall too! Glad to see I’m not alone in the obsession! 🙂

  2. Oh I remember that cover….twas great!!!!! Good one to hang on your wall!

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