If your initials aren’t LW, ur not gettin’ in

Saturday was great. I love Saturdays. It’s my favourite day of the week. Besides from the obvious, it’s my day. My day to do whatever I want. Stroll, shop, ponder, write, photograph, chat, relax etc. and a whole load of other verbs synonomous with “chill”. And this Saturday was no exception. I spent the afternoon with the ever so lovely, Laura Whiston of Whisty’s blog. There was coffee, chatting, miandering, more chatting, photo taking, etc. and oh yeah THE KINGS OF CONCRETE! It was brilliant. The b boys and girls of Dublin took over Wood Quay. You’d never guess that there were vikings buried under your feet on Saturday with the skateboard ramps, checkered tiling for the break dancers….Anyway, it was street style and it was cool. Go Dublin City Council, more events like these please!

The Kings of Concrete outfit chosen by moi was a pair of skinny from Gap, Silk vest from Penneys (purchased on Wednesday last for €11), strapy shoes from Barratts (should have worn the cons, toes were killing me with the walking down hills of grass), trilby from Penneys. My necklace is Whisty’s Nikon Camera (she took this pic with mine) and a gold chain with little keys and a red heart also from Penneys. Canvas bag was free with Harpers Bazaar this month and was designed by Erdem (see the styleisle notes on July 9th for more on this!). Sunglasses are baby wayfarers from Rayban. And the smile was designed by me 🙂


2 responses to “If your initials aren’t LW, ur not gettin’ in

  1. Great outfit, perfect for the occasion. Looking to get the Erdem tote. Goth the Moschino one last month with InStyle. Such a great idea!!
    Love reading fellow Irish fashion blogs!

    http://www.thewardrobewars.blogspot.com – take a look if you get a chance, we’d love your feedback – follow if you like what you see!

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