Love over the wireless

Well you have probably been wondering where I have been all week. You see I became victim to the volatility of technology. On Wednesday my internet connection decided it was tired and decided to take a little va-ca out of my living room. The poor people in UPC had to deal with me frantically trying to explain that the internet va-ca had gone on  a little longer than anticipated and I was getting worried that it had gone M.I.A. The lovely pre-recorded voice in UPC explained that there was a “temporary” distruption to some customers’ internet and phone connections but if you re booted it would restore in 20 mins. Four hours later, the internet is nowhere to be found and I am now feeling horrid grief over my wireless. What did I do to hurt its feelings? It’s not that we ever had a turbulent relationship, well I have used it for a quick internet rendevous from time to time, but that’s not a sin. By this morning, I was in shock over its departure from my life. It was finally over.

So I thought this evening I would give it one more try. We can’t just give up now! We’ve had such good times together. I sat down with my laptop. I ran every diagnostic I could find to re build our connection. Finally, an hour ago, we worked it out and decided to give it another try.

So here we are. Starting over and back in blissful IP address heaven. We’ve re-connected on a whole new level. It’s like we were never apart.

From tomorrow, styleisle will be firmly back on the blog. I’ve loads of fab things to share so come back and see me tomorrow.

styleisle out (and happy be back online) x


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