MTV Movie Awards 2010 – style stars and not so stars

Happy bank holiday or in other parts of the world, Happy Monday and I hope work is going well for you today. Styleisle is being broadcast from the comfy chairs in Starbucks Blackrock this morning over a very frothy latte and sticky and sweet muffin.

This morning is the style aftermath of the MTV Movie Awards which were on in LA last night and already the onliners are a-buzz with the gossip. I have been checking out what my blog buddies have been saying and there is consensus which is always a good sign when you are trying to make it in the world of fashion. Not that there was anything unexpected really. Except that Kristen actually smiled on the red carpet and appeared to be in a good mood after her little media faux pas during the week. Didn’t stop me from buying Elle with her on the cover of it. Even the most minor scandal sells.

Well here is the result from the styleisle jury:

Whitney Port looking summery and happy in lellow. I like this. It’s her and it’s cute. She doesn’t try to be, or dress like someone she’s not, and that’s the most appealing attribute methinks.

Lovely Scarlett in emerald green. This is a sophisticated look from her which is a departure from the sultry which she rocks quite often. This dress reminds me of a Pearl Lowe creation.

Aside from the usual moody facade, I like the dress. She looks great in fairness. And the smile is working. Keep it up Kris. Your boyf is hot, you have a lot to be happy about.

Bizarre. But very her. Think I’ll try this out at the IFTAs next year, what do ya think?  Tavi will have royal blue hair next. Katie I hope you realise you have now set a trend.

The lovely Anna Kendrink. As always, she is now firmly on the style map after the Pucci number at the BAFTAs and the beautiful dusky pink Elie Saab dress at the Oscars. Don’t ever fire this stylist.

Lady Gaga…oh no sorry it’s Christina Aguilera.

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2 responses to “MTV Movie Awards 2010 – style stars and not so stars

  1. That Katy Perry dress is a little better than the Hervé Leger number she wore that night too.
    Love Whitneys look and Kristen Stewarts shoes… and boyfriend of course! Do you think she would let me have either? 🙂

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