The glam at Cannes (Numéro Un)

Cannes is well and truely underway and as it promises us star studded glam, 2010 has delivered. Despite the plethora of people who we don’t know flooding the red carpet, for everyone of those, there is a Hollywood super starstress.

By a very long mile, Kate Beckinsale’s stylist is working the hardest to deliver exquisite pieces for this year’s juror to wear. The Kate trend is clear..neutral tones and fluff. Puff and fluff are Kate’s favourite words right now. The dresses are puffed up, pink and perfect. She epitomises classic British beauty and has come a long way from her days in Emma, alongside hunky mchunk Mark Strong, long before she got the veneers and met Len Lovely Wiseman.

Cate Blanchett, is also getting fashion high fives from me. Age appropriate and stunning. Helen Mirren looks beyond great and has dazzled us to be damned on the red carp.

Little Carey Mulligan, looks about six all the time, and needs to start to look the 24 years she is. At the Baftas this year, modelling Vionnet, I thought she was maturing but in Cannes this year, despite looking very sweet, is not pulling out the stops like her counterparts, Amanda Seyfriend, Anna Kendrick and Lea Michele, who have aced it this year.

Cannes continues and so does the fashion. Cannes Part Deux will follow shortly.


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