Forever 21 is paying us a visit

A buddy of mine gave me a heads up today that American retail giant, and a personal favourite of mine, Forever 21, is to open in the Jervis Centre in the Autumn.

Now I actually don’t know how I feel about this. F21 has been sacred to many ladies of Ireland who shop in the States intermittently throughout the year, in that, you can pick up a dress that costs less than $20 but looks more than $200. Moreover, close to no one here will have it, adding to the pleasure of your newly procured bargain.

When I am in the US,  I get so excited about shopping there, that I fear, when and if it does arrive here, the excitement will fade, like it did when Zara, H&M and American Apparel landed on Grafton st and its environs.

So I guess we have a fashion debate on our hands, should the American retailers move to our market? I’ll leave it up to you, I’m undecided.


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