Met Ball NYC. Whatever.

Now I am not a critic, no no. I am a fashionistic. Yes I am making up a new word. I tend not to judge, but assess in a fair manner and for the greater fashion good.

Celebrities make style footprints and we follow willingingly. And if last night’s Met Ball in NYC is anything to go by, well we’re all doomed.

Jessica Biel and Emma Watson forgot to brush their hair, Renee Zellweger can only pronounce Carolina Herrera and no other designer names, Eva Mendes took her curtains down in her living room and made a dress and passed it off as Dolce and Gabanna, Katy Perry glowed in the dark, Blake Lively forgot to put on the bottom half of her dress, Maggie Gyllenhall…well I just cannot find the words. Even Anna Wintour…I mean come on. YOU’RE THE EDITOR OF VOGUE.


But there were some triumphant stylistas. Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift were vintage queens in white, Kristin Davies kept in classic in a black corseted number and my fav lady of the moment, Brooke Shields in, and on the arm of, Michael Kors. There’s nothing like the feeling of wearing a designer. Literally.

I will also, reluctantly, let Jessica Alba off the hook in dusky pink (even though she looked like she was copying a Katherine Heigl look from a few years back) and Sienna Miller just because she arrived with Jude Lawless. Oh and actually Tina Fey looked great in the season must have, a black jumpsuit by YSL.

Other than that, I was disappointed overall. They’ll just have to hire me next year. I’ll put them in their place.


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