Charlotte and Jane

The 50’s were an era of elegance, poise and striking beauty. Filled with fashion icons, to this day, we still borrow from them and have become inspired to bring back some femininity to our attire. No other label epitomizes this like Charlotte and Jane, an indigenous design company specialising in hand-made and hand crafted dresses.

Last night was a special night for these two ladies as they opened the doors to their den of dresses for the public to admire. When we walked into their pop up showroom in Rathgar, it was like stepping into a vintage emporium. Decked out with retro changing screens adorned with samples from their collections, add some sparking wine with strawberries and mint, and some homemade apple pie, and you get the ulimate elegant evening.

Chatting with the ladies is like sitting down with two of your girlie buddies for a natter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and became a little bit better informed about where their inspiration comes from and how they are supporting local woollen mills and linen suppliers. Doing their bit for our economy that’s what I say and more power to them!

Jane told me the beautifully soft and colourful cotton comes from a supplier abroad (which they like to keep secret) and coupled with 8 very talented seamstresses, they have developed a collection of girlie girl dresses in both muted tones and brilliant prints. Charlotte herself had the most fabulous dress on in dusky blue with a statement bow detail, accessorized with a vintage hat, which can be found online.

Coming out of a A/W season where we were clad in black, greys and military inspired looks from the likes of Balmain, Rodarte and Holly Fulton, it is refreshing to see some light colours, which are very wearable, back on display for summer. Speaking of seasons, Charlotte and Jane do not really conform to the uniform fashion seasonal calendar as the dresses are so versatile, they can be worn year round. Some of the heavier woollen dresses are obviously more appropriate for the cooler months, but the creams and light greys still keep the mood out of the dark.

For a label that has only been on our radar for 18 months, it is a fashion success story from two very inspiring and enthusiastic people, which I was honoured to meet since I heard about them from my BFF at Willow back in October.

Charlotte & Jane dresses can be purchased directly off the rail or can be customised down to style, fabric and length ensuring that their customers get exactly what they want! With over 70 different fabrics and over 50 styles of dress, the choices are endless!

 All dresses are available in sizes 6 – 16. Charlotte & Jane also stock a range of vintage kimonos, bags and hats, all available through their website. Charlotte and Jane’s dresses are available at:  Dolls, The Westbury Mall, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, Granny’s Bottom Drawer, Main Street, Kinsale, Co. Cork and Willow, Cutlery Road, Newbridge, Co. Kildare .

Charlotte & Jane will shortly be available from outlets in Galway, Kenmare, Kilkenny and additional outlets in Cork and Dublin.

 For further information please log on to


One response to “Charlotte and Jane

  1. Willow, Limerick Lane, Newbridge, Co.Kildare.
    Great feature for a fabulous label! x

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